Thursday 19 March 2015

Beauty Nature of Onyx Marble

Onyx marble is quite unique and rare, as compared to other Natural stone, that’s why it is very highly demand able product in international market. The marble is millions of years old. Onyx marble gives you comfort and it help to relieve your stress. Onyx marble is all about luxury and glamour.
Onyx Marble Colors are soft, beautiful. Mostly used colors are pink, brown, and clean white.  Onyx marble Main Feature is that the stone is translucent and Because of that it is more popular as compare to other stone. This stone needed Great care to maintain its natural beauty.

What is Onyx Marble used for?
You can use Onyx marble in your house, Careful consideration is needed when using onyx marble in your room, kitchen or bathroom. Onyx marble is mostly used as bar top and fireplace surrounded. Onyx marble stone can also be used such as lamp, kitchen sinks, bowls and wall cladding. The marble looks awesome and eye-caching after all finishing done. This stone can be used in mineral gem.  

Marble is available in
  •  6”*6”
  • 12”*12”
  • 24”*24”  

Some Features of Onyx Marble
  1. Highly Durable
  2. Awesome Shiny Look
  3. Perfect Finishing
  4. Easy To Clean and Maintain Natural Beauty

Advantages of Onyx marble:

Very Light-weight
Onyx id Lighter in weight as compare to other stones and can be easily installed in creative applications. Onyx marble is softer at its end, which makes the marble better suited for Interior applications.

Another main advantage of this marble is that it’ translucent and softer as touch. Onyx marble colors appear warmer as well as more vibrant, that’s bringing out the realistic beauty of the stone. The marble is also used to often seen in public spaces which designed to enlighten or activate the crowd such as hotel lobbies ....etc.

Colourful and Shiny
Onyx marble has different range of colors and patterns. Commonly used colors in onyx marble are gold, red, and white cream. After all finishing has done the marble Looks Gorgeous with its shiny colors.

Onyx Marble

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