Tuesday 18 August 2015

Introducing Giallo Crystal onyx

Giallo Crystal onyx is mostly recommended for indoor use.  This Onyx is available in slabs and some wide variety of tiles including patterns. For Residential Usage This onyx can be used in Flooring, Countertops and Wall. For Commercial Usage this onyx can only be used in Countertops and Wall.

Some of Additional Information:
  • Also Known As- Honey Onyx and Golden Onyx
  • Type of Stone- Onyx
  • Country of Origin- China
  • Color- Golden and White
  • Finish- Polished, Tumbled

A) What is Giallo Crystal onyx?
Giallo Crystal onyx is a Mixture of gold’s, whites and yellows color. It is Also known as Honey Onyx .This onyx gives a very shining and exclusive look after all finishing has been done.

B) What sizes are available in Giallo Crystal onyx?
Giallo Crystal onyx is available in various sizes and designs. We can provide this onyx on per customer requirement.

C) What is the price range of the Giallo Crystal onyx?
There are many varieties of these products available with us in various competitive and suitable price ranges. For this you can contact us.

Bhandari Marble Company is one of the leading manufacturers, exporter, importer and supplier of Giallo Crystal onyx in Indian Marble Industry Giallo Crystal onyx is supplied all over India and others country for different residential and commercial projects.

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Thursday 6 August 2015

Introducing Yellow Onyx Marble

The yellow onyx marble is a stone product that evokes a sense of glamour and luxury. Due to its bright yellow color, clear attractive lines and good light transmission, it is worldwide used, especially in indoor decoration and bar countertops.
Surface for your Choice:
Polished, Honed, Grooved, Inclined, Brushed, Waterproof, etc.

A) What is a Yellow Onyx Marble?
It is a light yellow color marble and is ideal and very useful for adding light yellow tones to your room, as well as it is suitable for domestic purpose & light commercial settings. Yellow Onyx Marble tile can bright your bathroom as well, it can creates a warm and welcoming bathroom environment.
Main Features of Yellow Onyx Marble:
  • Easy to install and clean
  • High Durability
  • Attractive Look
  • Fine Finish
  • Low maintenance
B) What sizes are available in Yellow Onyx Marble?
Yellow Onyx Marble is available in different shapes and sizes. For it you can contact us at any time.

C) What is the Prize range of Yellow Onyx Marble?
Prize range depends on this marble products size, quality and designs. You can order our Yellow Onyx Marble anytime and we’ll make the delivery to your doorstep.

We are manufacturer, exporter, supplier and importer of Yellow Onyx Marble. These are available with us in various designs, styles and cost as per the exact demands of customers. We offer Yellow Onyx Marble in different thickness and dimensions as per the precise requirements.

Yellow Onyx Marble