Wednesday 28 January 2015

Introducing Albeta Marble

Albeta Marble is one of the oldest marble .This can be verified by countless buildings and diverse temples , mosques and churches in India for over one thousand years .It is a variety of white Makrana marble. Makrana is the name of village that manufactures this quality of marble .Thus the name - "Albeta Marble". There is a large marble industry at Makrana producing marble slabs & tiles of Albeta marble. This sector has given employment to thousands of people directly or indirectly.

A) What is Albeta marble?
It's a standard of Marble.Mostly seen in the buildings , diverse temples and monuments. This marble has white color and whitish look with completely different figurative styles and patterns.

B) What sizes are available in Albeta marble?
In albeta marble, one will get numerous sizes however the typical size of marble block is six Sq. feet * five Sq. feet. Alternative sizes are accessible as per the customized orders of the client.

C) What is the prize range of Albeta marble?
We’ll send you complete details cost listing in your email id. Price depends on Albeta marble quality and sizes. If you purchase Albeta marble tiles then that may cost you low. Starting price is one hundred fifty Rs. Per sq. Feet and can go up to five hundred Rs. Per sq. Feet. However one must be always cautious about the duplicate Albeta Marble quality which is easily accessible at thirty Rs. Per sq. Feet.

D) Why Albeto marble?
Albeta marble is known for its high luster and shine. It is no less than the brilliant Makrana white marble.It is highly polish-able and looks wonderful on the floor. Albeta flooring is cost effective way to decorate your dream home. Albeta slabs are also available for large construction purposes such as wall decoration or pillar and roof decoration.The best part is that the marble is highly durable and maintains luster for long time.

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Alebta Marble

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Introducing Makrana Marble

Makrana is located almost at the centre of Rajasthan in Nagaur district. It is located 85 KM from Ajmer, 120 KM from Jaipur.

A)  What is Makrana marble?
Makrana marble is essentially a god quality of marble. It is additionally called milk white marble. This marble has white color which is evident from its whitish look. Makrana is the name of village where the marble is found hence the name Makrana marble. Elementary price of this marble quality is thirty Rs. per sq. feet and can go up to a hundred Rs. per sq. feet of makrana marble tiles. The most commonly used sizes are, 12*9, 15*9, 21*9, 24*6, 18*6, 18*9, 24*9, 15*6.

B) Which sizes are available in Makrana Marble?
In Makrana Marble, we can get several sizes however the typical size of marble slab is half-dozen Sq. feet * five Sq. feet.While this may vary as per customer demands. Manufacturers offer various customize sizes ranging from 50Rs.up to 2000 Rs. sq. feet * half-dozen sq. feet.

C) What's the cost of Makrana marble?
Starting range of Makrana marble thirty Rs. Per sq. feet to 2000 per sq. feet. Prizes depend upon Makrana marble quality and its size additionally. If you'll purchase a Makrana marble tiles  it may cost you little cheaper.

D) What's the lifetime of Makrana marble?
Makrana marble is essentially a good product. Just use it once and it'll be there for many generations to come.

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Makrana Marble

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Sandstone - Give your home an exotic look

Sandstone provide exotic look to your home. These are soft and can be carved into various shapes hence increasing their demand as various household decoration items.At the same time sandstone is resistant to weathering and thus very durable.Sandstone can be used as wall slabs, entrance pillars, doorways and various hose hold items such as pots, classic decorated statues etc. Sandstone ground tiles are used for resistance free movements ; their earthy colors in addition to pure rock like texture provide ample options. You can either yourself work out various sandstone styles using products available in the market or can let a designer provide his wonderful imaginations to create a perfect exotic look.

In both ways you would like to have supreme quality stone be used in your house. Pure rock allows one the freedom of creating masterpieces from a single large stone. As your home decor reflects your style quotient using pure rock Sandstone will provide a rich experience in addition to the galore.

A true Sandstone experience lies in sandstone staircases. The actual sandstone steps, that are most common in US  are appreciated for exquisite step work.  Sandstone may be found in varied coatings and are as ubiquitous as Marbles – has large stock of natural Sandstone and pure rock stones. The world famous Dholpur stone of Rajasthan is also available at cost effective prices. This explicit choice of solutions is typically delivered to client within agreed time interval.

Sandstone maintenance can be a tough task especially when used in kitchen counter tops or as dining table stones or large section of flooring especially the pavements or the porch area.the best advise is to regularly clean the surface with a good quality cleaner.Avoid using acidic cleaners available for toilets as they can harm the Sandstone.Also avoid using vinegar or any acidic preparation.Simple techniques such as placing protective gear under hot kitchen dishes, rugged mattress in the porch area will reduce wear and tear of the Sandstone. 

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Sunday 18 January 2015

One of the famous Beautiful Stone- Rajasthan Granite Stone

Indian Granite and natural stone is one of the popular stones in Rajasthan, India. Rajasthan granite stone tops the best granite list in India. The Rajasthan granite industry holds its unique place in terms of exporter, supplier of granite stone in India. Rajasthan is of course famous in the world, because of their beautiful and charming destinations.

Rajasthan is the main state in India where the stone industry for granite and natural stone. The annual turnover of the Granite mining or raw material from Rajasthan is to the tune of 10 million $. Further availability of processed granite products has made Rajsathan the true Granite destination in India. Pali and Shahpur district of the Rajasthan are a home to world class Indian stone Companies. Rajasthan granite is available in various colors apart from usual colors found in rest of the country. Basically they lie into 2 principal kinds, first is static structure granite whereas the other one is wavy structure granite. But wavy pattern is usually found in south India though Rajasthan is famous for more unique and even pattern granite.

Accessibility of each form of Granites stone from Rajasthan through dedicated national transit corridors has led to great demands not only in India but involving Western European along with the U.S.  Wavy granite is famous among the Western European countries while purchasers from America usually opt for static designed granite.

The granite from Rajasthan serves the need of family assignments as well as industrial requirements for flooring. If you want to spice up one of your workplace or house, Rajasthan granite and natural stone typically are wonderful choice in the market for you – a classy choice inside a reasonable fee.

We are open to all builders, major construction firms and also individual home buyers to provide best quotes as per your requirements. We also dream of decorating your beloved projects to their best and thus contributing in the growth of the granite industry of Rajasthan. We have interests in some of the biggest Granite mines in Rajasthan and would be more than helpful to share our knowledge with you. Feel free to contact us in case of any queries.
Granite Stone

Friday 16 January 2015

Italian Marble Tiles and Slabs

Italian Marble is being really used for home because of its increased strength and price. It’s so vital to use the Italian marble in modernization and reworking of your home that it has become a style quotient. Italian Marble provides stylish look to the house. It’s terribly uncommon to have a house without the utilization of Italian marble in its development. The utilization of Italian marble slabs has solely defeated the standard manner of building flooring surfaces. It is frequently utilized in homes and not simply restricted to the skilled mega structures. One reason for this can be that individuals desires to make their home living a unique experience.

The best manner of doing it is by having wonderful indoor and outdoor marble work with the utilization of marble that is resilient and powerful. An Italian Marble is stylish in looks and highly required for the work associated with decorating the floor, bathrooms and drawing room. Its unique place of origin and high strength makes its price quiet high. The advanced home decorations is being done through Italian marble  in most of the MNC's with larger workplaces. The colors and styles of the Italian marbles available in the market are appeasing enough for any analysis underneath development or reworking. It is evident from the characteristics and several colors of the italian marble that it has become the foremost, most well-liked alternative among the innovative decorations. There’s no disagreement or doubt concerning the charm of Italian marble price and the quality , build of the wonderful floor it provides. There is no comparison to the white beauty of the Statuario marble tiles. It's diamond like reflection can be a reason to envy. It’ll reflect everything clearly even together with the issue placed thereon.

In today’s world Italian marble flooring surfaces have been enforced by developers and builders and skilled businesses for the very beauty offered by  Italian marble. Italian marble square tiles are incomparable when it comes to beauty and design.While it is a little dearer to marble of the other shade and pattern but the unique experience you enjoy with Italian marble tiles is eternal. The advantage of marble with the exception of its beauty is that Italian marble flooring surfaces is pretty straightforward to clean; simply a  soft cloth or brush would be sufficient. Just in case of persistent dirt , water and lightweight soap would be enough. Thus it's urged to use the magnificent marble that is the simplest to maintain.
Italian Marble Tiles and Slabs

Thursday 1 January 2015

How to decorate your home with Italian Marble Flooring

There are various types of Italian marble tiles, with attractive colors, sizes and designs. So you need to choose a good decision to decorate your home from Italian marble tiles. When you purchase Italian marble tiles for your floor, there are some very basic things you have to see, such as color, design and size. Since Italian marble tiles price are for per square foot, so you yourself can do the simple maths given the per square foot cost before you go out and buy Italian marble tiles.

There are different types of Italian marble tiles in Market; Some Italian marble tiles are smooth while others are hard in texture. The Italian marble tiles you purchase is totally up to you and your requirement.  Having a  Marble roof will give exquisite  look to your home; therefore increasing the cost of upkeep and polish. You will have to take great care of the roof as it can get dirty quiet often. Then there is a option to use marble tiles for flooring.This option is less expensive and the polished surface lasts really long.Also the cleaning of the floor is quiet easy as compared to roofs.Marble roof will provide grand appearance to your house; it will provide luster and shine.  It in addition includes a cooling impact, which keeps up the coolness of your house. Therefore you would like to choose your marble floor keeping in mind the cleaning and shine. 

There are some approaches to have a clean marble surface. Yes, however careful you are there is always a chance that your floor will get filthy, but this post specify some tips and technique to scrub your marble flooring, therefore you can just follow these for the cleanliness of your marble flooring. Always use a clean cloth with water to wash the marble surface.Using hard detergents can damage the marble.As most of the marbles are basic in nature using acidic cleaners can leave permanent marks on the marble surface.the best approach is to clean the marble surface periodically with normal water and soft cotton cloth.

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