Sunday 28 December 2014

To Make your floor beautiful and shining – Bhandari Italian Marble Supplier Delhi

Italian marble is a very rare and beautiful marble provided by bhandari marble in delhi, India. Italian marble designs have silky finish and there is an increase in popularity for this product, especially in Delhi, India. Rajasthan is the largest provider for various varieties of Italian marbles, which is because of  many Italian marble quarries in that State.

Bhandari Italian Marble Supplier is very popular for providing cost effective Italian marble. We are the Italian Marble Suppliers in Delhi and provide the option to select from many different colored marbles that suit your requirements. You have the independence to opt for colors as well as various color marble pieces.

Here we are providing the best Italian marble tiles with polishing and smooth finish but when you purchase the best classic Italian marble India, you should only use the polished Italian marble tiles. In today's world Italian Marble Supplier provides facility to shop online to get high and quality Italian marble slabs. Many Italian Marble Companies offers best discounts for the marble of your choice.Because of large number of world class infrastructure coming up in Delhi and most of the modern township coming to Delhi; Delhi has become the hub of modern lifestyle. Italian marble in Delhi has become a style quotient.If you are a builder, Construction Company or individual home owner your all wishes for Italian marble in Delhi ends here.

If you have internet at your houses then shop online , you can purchase good quality polished Italian marble pieces and as many online Italian marble companies provide good discount on your purchase. You can visit our website at 

Italian Marble in Delhi

Thursday 25 December 2014

Onyx Marble

Onyx Marble is a natural stone that’s known for its luxury and glamour quotient. This unique stone is quiet expensive. It is known for its stress busting nature as it is soothing to the eyes. The Colors of onyx are very natural, soft and great looking and it is a real visual feast for the eyes. Onyx Marble is not for everyone as is evident from its high maintenance.

Onyx Marble is mostly used as a bar top because it transmits light and gives shining ambiance. Most of its use is for tables, sinks and wall cladding. Onyx Marble can be used for wine goblets, lamps and sinks but it works best where you can use back lighting or under lighting. It can be bought in the form of slabs or tiles. Onyx Marble is used in fire places, kitchen counter tops and bath tub surroundings. Our Company is open to builders, interior designers, kitchen dealers and contractors.  

We offer the best price range for Onyx Marble to our clients worldwide. These products are manufactured by using different types of precious and premium Onyx Marble. These products are available in different designs, sizes.

Onyx Marble

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Italian Marble Manufacturer in India

Italian Marble decorated houses are the best decorated homes. Today People love to build their house with as much use of Italian marbles as possible. There are various uses of Italian marble; Italian Marble tiles, Italian marble slabs and Italian marble but counter tops are most commonly used in home decoration. Italian Marble offers the best look and maintenance; as the cleaning of Italian marble floor is simple if we talk about basic flooring.

Selecting the Italian marble design and type for your house is not a simple task. One has to be an expert in the knowledge about Italian marble identification because identifying true Italian marble has become very confusing in today's time due to wide varieties of Italian marbles such as natural as well as artificially made Italian marbles. Your knowledge about the behaviors of Italian marbles are important in order to make your choice.

Modern technology gives you chance to purchase Italian marble products online. There are available at bhandari marble supplier. They are online provider of different types of Italian marble products including Italian marble flooring, Italian marble tiles, Italian marble slabs and Italian marble counter tops. It is the best Italian marble supplier globally. First of all our entire collection is available at our websites and if you find any suitable Italian marble products than you can order them or drop your queries online.

One of best marble is Italian marble because Italian marble is most famous for floor tiles and slabs that are lustrous and durability. Italian Marble manufacturers have knowledge regarding the features and characteristics of these Italian marbles and their precious advice can help the customer in selecting the best Italian marble as per their requirement. The knowledge about the Italian marble is quiet popular among various internet blogs and also well-documented with fine details.     

Today the Italian marble work is considered as to good to resist. Bhandari Marble World offers marble products including Italian Marble, Indian Marble, Sandstone, Granite, Makrana Marble, Kishangarh Marble and Statuario.etc.

Italian Marble Manufacturer in india

Friday 19 December 2014

Marble Handicraft- Rajasthani Handicraft Items and Furniture famous all over the World

Rajasthan is a famous for kings and kingdoms in world which are known for their art and craft. In the state, Kishangarh enjoy a distinguished name for manufacturing Marble Handicrafts. With the inflow of international tourists in India and in Rajasthan especially, these artisans fulfill even the worldwide style requirements.

We are one of the best names in the industry for the manufacturing and exporting of the best cost effective marble handicrafts items. Our clients can avail these marble handicrafts in various designs and size as per their choice. We provide best quality marble handicrafts products to our clients.

Bhandari Marble Company's all marble products exporting processes are completed here in Kishangarh city. We have almost 50-60 hard worker marble artisans who manufacture different marble handicrafts, marble art, marble god statue, marble fountain and marble temple. We are leading marble manufactures, exports and Supplier company in Kishangarh which is importing marble handicrafts to foreign clients. We are making different type of marble handicrafts items and products. If you are decorating your office and home or looking for best attractive marble handicrafts collection, we have some best collections in marble handicrafts of your choice.

We are leading Indian Marble Handicrafts exporter of flower pots. Best designed marble flower pots in quality. Some of attractive items include marble pot for gifting on any event or decorative items for interior and exterior use.

Here you can find reasonable price of marble god statue and temple. Many Marble Handicrafts Items are available here as use for home like marble fire place, marble fountains, marble craving, marble pillers, marble temple….etc. All these marble handicrafts items decorated with colorful designs, stones are made using best quality makrana marble.

Marble Handicrafts and Furniture

Monday 15 December 2014

Granite Stone - India's biggest exporter of granite stones

Granite is one of the respected components among building materials. It is a very hard among the dimensional stones. It is used as kitchen countertops, flooring, worktops, table tops, etc. Granite is especially used for interior and exterior decoration.  It is available in natural colors and different designs. A majority of the granite stone used in world has its supply, manufacture, export, import from India.

Granite is available in the form of slabs and tiles. The Indian Granite Tiles and Slabs are very popular in the interiors of houses. It is used as counter tops in kitchens and wall and flooring for offices. It is a stone which is easy on pocket and low on maintenance therefore the best choice for house decoration.

We at Bhandari Marble Company exporters are providing you the best quality of Indian granite at the affordable prices. Just pay us a visit to choose from the various designs and choose that suits your requirement. We ensure you to deliver best product with world class delivery service.

One of the most common uses of granite stone as of 2014 is for kitchen countertops. A symbol of aesthetic beauty granite is also used in a number of gravestones and monuments. The strength of granite allows it to stand up against natural weather conditions, allowing for a long span. Luxury building exteriors, bridges and floors are also designed with granite. Granite stone creates a stunning aesthetic appearance and provides optimal home protection as a residential or commercial building exterior. In many rooms, a granite floor offers a long-lasting, finishing appearance. 

Granite Stone

Friday 12 December 2014

Natural Marble Stone – Many reasons to book your marble flooring

Too many reasons to book your flooring of natural stone marble,  granite and sand stone, quartz stone dolomite stone, Italian marble, Imported marble, Statuario marble, Carrara marble, Makarana marble, Kishangarh marble, Katni marble, Wonder marble, Vietnam marble, Swiss white marble, Australian white marble, Makarana Whitemarble,Graymarble,Greenmarble,Pinkmarble,Onyxmarble,Semipreciousmarble,Indiangranite,Importedgranite,Sandstone,Quartzstone,Kota stone , Finish stone, Rough granite, Polish tile, Tile, Marble handicraft, Marble jali, at the capital of marble Kishangarh Rajasthan biggest marble manufacturer .
  •          Bhandari marble company legacy trusted by thousands of families
  •          Joy of flooring
  •          Pretty design
  •          Central location of kishangarh
  •          Nearby to Makrana
  •          24*7 good responses
  •          10000 sq. yd. of stock yard
  •          Biggest collection
  •          Good display
  •          Best quality
  •          Good quality and quantity of marble, granite and stone.
  •          Best competitive price
  •          Best knowledge of marble granite and stone.
  •          Pioneer company of marble
  •          Good expert team
  •          Best collection of handicraft
  •          Excellent packaging of marble granite and stone
  •          Regular transport service to all over world
  •          Vastu friendly design of marble granite and stone
  •          Good dealer network all over world
  •          Full respect and response to buyers
Natural Marble Stone

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Sandstone- The Best Natural Sandstone!

Sandstone is very hard, compact, fine grained unvaried rocks of sedimentary nature. The offered sandstones are usually used to decorating outdoors like Floor, Wall. These Sandstones in their natural unprocessed state is obtained from the renowned vendors of the market. We method these Sandstones in our huge infrastructure facility with the help from our well-trained professionals. Our specialists examine all the finished Sandstone to ensure the satisfaction of our customers on delivery.

Bhandari Marble Company is also offering Sandstone which is used in various industries. These are available as per our customer’s demand. Our marbles are available in standard pattern and sizes. These are best quality tested and cut by skilled team of worker. Our Marble products are available in the market at comprehensive rates. These are used for paving, landscaping and flooring due to their looks.

Sandstone is available in all sizes, various colours finishing as per client requirement. Used for Interior & exterior, cladding, business & residential, flooring, etc and are known for their fine cutting, polish and shining.

Our Marble of products include SandStone such as Beige Sandstone, Berea Sand Stone, Daisy Sand Stone, English Coffee Sandstone, Grey Flag Stone, Modak Flag Stone, Modak Sandstone, NaturalSand Stone, Rainbow Sand Stone and many more items..

Contemporary Family Room
Contemporary Family Room
Industrial Kitchen
Industrial Kitchen

Modak Sandstone
Modak Sandstone
Modern Landscape
Modern Landscape

Natural Sand Stone
Natural Sand Stone
Oak Sandstone
Oak Sandstone

Sunday 7 December 2014

Rain Forest Marble

  •           Rain give relief from hot and rain forest marble give same coolness to eyes
  •           Rain makes beautiful rainbow
  •          Rainforest marble looks like rainbow color.
  •          When slow rain we enjoy walking
  •          And rain forest marble flooring you also enjoying walking on
  •          Good rain is symbol of prosperity
  •          Good rain forest marble also show prosperity of owner
  •          We can say owners’ pride

For more detail about rainforest marble and marble
When you go beyond luxury, imagination and expectation. You get super. That's exactly what this 5star marble show by bhandar marble world has to offer. With wide range of marble options from the 360 degree around the world. This company promises a super experience. Come visit us and find out something beyond your expectations.

Highlights of the company

Hottest quality options under single roof /marble granite stone and Italian marble/Indian and imported marble/ using leading real estate developers/special on net booking discount by the company Visit Good day, We are the oldest & largest manufacturer of best Indian and precious Italian marble, Indian &imported granite, sandstone &quartz stone.

Rain Forest Marble
                                                         Rain Forest Marble

Friday 5 December 2014

Marble and Italian Marble in India

Marble Available Products

Hello friends , greetings of the day. We are the manufacturer ,wholesaler dealer, merchant ,importer exporter, supplier, stockiest, quarry owner of Statuario marble, Onyx marble, Italian marble, bottichino marble, dyna marble, Parleto marble, Venezuela marble, traventine marble, emprador marble, Carrara marble, blue pearl black pearl , mother of pearle, semiprecious marble, precious marble, dmartino marble, Vietnam marble, Swiss marble ,Australian marble,.
We have leadership in all quality stones

Our Unique Qualities
  • Affiliated to world marble and granite academy
  • Vastu friendly marble
  • Very good business administration
  • Good knowledge of commerce
  • Expert of products and export management

Key factors for our success stories
  • International curriculum, research.
  • Strong industry academia interface.
  • Strategic partnership with international importer for quality marble and granite.
  • Uniform design and size.
  •  In house design mega training for design advocacy for marble granite.
  • Creativity meets quality at bhandari marble world.
  • Fully equipped manufacturing labs for all disciplines.
  • First successful online marketing solutions for marble granite and stones.
Many country's delegation has acknowledged our products and service quality. We have our presence noticed in almost all world trade conferences from long time.
The Bhandari marble company  is honored to undertake the unique initiative of promotion of design awareness across world. Bhandari marble world will tour throughout world to affirm talents and present unique opportunities for export to all countries - unique designs and finished marble. Join us in this campaign.

Come Feel and be the part of excellence

Bhandari Marble Corporation is the most trusted marble and granite brand of India since 1967.We have been defining and changing lifestyles for millions across the country and overseas. we are credited as the Italian marble flooring culture initiator in India. Bhandari marble world always endeavor to make it big. It was our vision and acumen only that has shaped the future of our great organisation.

We are the oldest &largest manufacturer of best Indian and precious Italian marble, Indian & imported granite, sandstone & quartz stone.

Wednesday 3 December 2014

Indian Marble and Granites Stone Exporters

Indian Marbles and Granites Stone are excellent natural stones used normally for house decorating objective and come in several designs in addition as qualities. The development of a granite stone is through warmed limestone which crystallizes in earth’s crust area. As a result Indian marble becomes resilient to be used as applicable flooring surfaces content. Granite Stone Exported has excellent looks and also the flawless glow.

Maintaining your granite stone floor shine and freshness is a tough task. Indian Natural Stone supplier facilitates the export of top of the range rocks that have a wonderful shine and imparts a wonderful look to your home. But it's essential that you just keep it pristine and sustain it in order that it maintains its excellent look over the time. For maintaining the creative value of stone it needs to be kept fresh and bright.

If you want your granite stone flooring surface to look nice always and prevent having leaks over it which may be caused by water flowing over it and causing spots due to the dissolved salts , use a recent and dry material to keep the rock alive and fresh. And check out to keep the stone dry always. Marble Exporters provide high wonderful granite to buyers across the planet at terribly at effective costs. You’ll be able to conjointly take recommendations from them concerning the ways to sustain granite looks and freshness.

There are a large variety of companies who recommend you on using various types of crystallizing broker for your flooring surface be it granite or marble. But such elements might cause temporary shine and brightness but might change the look and glow of stone after a period; these substances are many times dangerous and impact the charm of your stone completely. In order to clean marble or stone use warm water and soap and try not using other cleaners. You should clean stone flooring carefully and keep rubbing till it starts glowing.

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Jaisalmer Yellow Marble
Baswara Marble

Makrana white marble
Makrana dungri Marble
Udaipur Green Marble
Wonder Marble