Tuesday 27 January 2015

Introducing Makrana Marble

Makrana is located almost at the centre of Rajasthan in Nagaur district. It is located 85 KM from Ajmer, 120 KM from Jaipur.

A)  What is Makrana marble?
Makrana marble is essentially a god quality of marble. It is additionally called milk white marble. This marble has white color which is evident from its whitish look. Makrana is the name of village where the marble is found hence the name Makrana marble. Elementary price of this marble quality is thirty Rs. per sq. feet and can go up to a hundred Rs. per sq. feet of makrana marble tiles. The most commonly used sizes are, 12*9, 15*9, 21*9, 24*6, 18*6, 18*9, 24*9, 15*6.

B) Which sizes are available in Makrana Marble?
In Makrana Marble, we can get several sizes however the typical size of marble slab is half-dozen Sq. feet * five Sq. feet.While this may vary as per customer demands. Manufacturers offer various customize sizes ranging from 50Rs.up to 2000 Rs. sq. feet * half-dozen sq. feet.

C) What's the cost of Makrana marble?
Starting range of Makrana marble thirty Rs. Per sq. feet to 2000 per sq. feet. Prizes depend upon Makrana marble quality and its size additionally. If you'll purchase a Makrana marble tiles  it may cost you little cheaper.

D) What's the lifetime of Makrana marble?
Makrana marble is essentially a good product. Just use it once and it'll be there for many generations to come.

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Makrana Marble

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