Wednesday 28 January 2015

Introducing Albeta Marble

Albeta Marble is one of the oldest marble .This can be verified by countless buildings and diverse temples , mosques and churches in India for over one thousand years .It is a variety of white Makrana marble. Makrana is the name of village that manufactures this quality of marble .Thus the name - "Albeta Marble". There is a large marble industry at Makrana producing marble slabs & tiles of Albeta marble. This sector has given employment to thousands of people directly or indirectly.

A) What is Albeta marble?
It's a standard of Marble.Mostly seen in the buildings , diverse temples and monuments. This marble has white color and whitish look with completely different figurative styles and patterns.

B) What sizes are available in Albeta marble?
In albeta marble, one will get numerous sizes however the typical size of marble block is six Sq. feet * five Sq. feet. Alternative sizes are accessible as per the customized orders of the client.

C) What is the prize range of Albeta marble?
We’ll send you complete details cost listing in your email id. Price depends on Albeta marble quality and sizes. If you purchase Albeta marble tiles then that may cost you low. Starting price is one hundred fifty Rs. Per sq. Feet and can go up to five hundred Rs. Per sq. Feet. However one must be always cautious about the duplicate Albeta Marble quality which is easily accessible at thirty Rs. Per sq. Feet.

D) Why Albeto marble?
Albeta marble is known for its high luster and shine. It is no less than the brilliant Makrana white marble.It is highly polish-able and looks wonderful on the floor. Albeta flooring is cost effective way to decorate your dream home. Albeta slabs are also available for large construction purposes such as wall decoration or pillar and roof decoration.The best part is that the marble is highly durable and maintains luster for long time.

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Alebta Marble

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