Saturday 6 February 2021

Why Use Italian Marble Block Paving for Your Courtyard?



With so many options for shrubbery the perfect garden, some people may question whether the natural stone is worth the extra cost and time to install. Is natural Italian Marble block really the finest option? Can cheaper substitutes do the same job?

We don’t accept they can. In this article, we’re going to explore the perceptible advantages of using Italian Marble for your courtyard.

Why Should I Use Italian Marble Paving for my Courtyard?

Gravel, Pebbles, cement, man-made porcelain, wooden decking… there are dozens of ways you can landscape your garden and make it more substantial. So what makes natural Italian Marble the foremost choice?

1. Italian Marble Block is Incredible

Italian Marble at home outdoors has an authentic, real and natural finish that brings life to a garden. What’s more, it can be styled in so many ways. Stone slabs of different shapes and sizes can be installed for a rustic country feel, or carefully sized and measured tiles can be laid for a modern and moderate finish. Honey, black, grey, cream, tan…. There is no end of options for how you can use natural stone to give your garden a indicate finish.

In addition, each Italian Marble block is completely different. The configuration and colouring of each slab of Italian Marble will be different from the last, creating a truly stunning collage of stone.

2. Italian Marble is Imperishable

It can be absurd disappointing to put time, money, and effort into creating a beautiful garden that doesn’t long-lasting. Everything from weather to child’s play can damage softer materials such as plain grass or wooden decking. However, the Italian Marble isn’t damaged by the weather and even the most over-excited children won’t chip our natural stone block.

Italian Marble is groove-resistant. And, what’s more, making natural stone Italian Marble block a safe and durable Pavement option.

3. The Lifespan or caducity of Italian Marble Outlasts Other Paving Options

Italian Marble will last as long as it is properly maintained. Your paving will be in top condition for years when you choose Italian Marble. And, unlike other patio options which begin to look ragged and smutty over time, natural stone ages beautifully. Marble is naturally weather-resistant, meaning not even heavy rain or strong winds will take their toll.

4. Italian Marble Traps Heat

Everyone wanna enjoy the sun when it comes out – especially in Britain where sunshine is a real treat! The great thing about Italian Marble is that it absorbs heat and slowly releases it. This means when the sun comes out, you can make the most of it. Your garden will feel warmer for longer. Perfect for summers.

5. Italian Marble Block is Low Maintenance

The grass needs to be mowed. Wooden decking needs to be painted. Most patio options take a lot of care.

However, the Italian Marble is the exception. When treated with a proper sealant, Italian Marble becomes resistant to staining. This leaves it easy to clean with simple soap and warm water without the need for heavy scrubbing. But most of the time, a simple brush now and then will do the trick.

This makes Italian Marble a particularly great choice for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining their garden. Instead, you can simply enjoy the space without worrying about daily cleaning, repair, and maintenance.

Why you should go for Bhandari Marble Group as your Marble Supplier?

As we’ve shown here, Italian Marble makes for an attractive, long-lasting, and fuss-free patio. But why you should go for Bhandari's as your supplier for Italian Marble?

1. Our Italian Marble is Sourced Ethically

Woefully, within our Marble industry, there are many who don’t source their stone ethically.

However, our stone is ethically sourced. All our natural stone is either sourced locally at our quarries or imported from trusted global suppliers.

2. We Follow Environmental- Friendly Practices

We’re all about sustainability at Bhandari Marble Group and adhere to strict laws and environmental policies. We recycle as much waste as possible and cut down on fuel outflow by ensuring the stone block never travels more than 20 miles to its production site. 80% of our baggage is completed by our own fleet, which uses efficient and low-pollution. In addition, we harvest our rainwater and use an on-site water filtration plant that recycles 100% of the water used in production.


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