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 BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP, KISHANGARH brings the most striking marble from all across the world. Our company gets the luxury and splendour of sublime quality of marble from leading marble manufacturing countries like Turkey, Italy, and Spain. We are famous for providing astonishingly beautiful imported marble in India. No matter where you are located, we can provide you the imported marble at the best possible prices.

While we have engraved a slot in supplying and exporting Indian marble and granite over the world, we also stand ahead as an imported marble supplier in Kishangarh. Here to for, we have come up with many varieties of lavish imported marble with stunning lustre for homes, offices, and areas like kitchens, rooms, floors, malls, theatres, resorts, and other institutions.

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Use of Imported Marble in Magnificence Interior Design

Following are the most acceptable mania in contemporary life, the uncomplicated way to give the finishing touch to a setting is certainly the choice of precious stones on the floor, walls, and furnishing details.

Widely used on the tasty design scene, a marble look is essentially the prime choice.

Marble gave a modern and latest twist to the world of interior design, rich look, and luxury interiors, however, it is important not to go overboard, otherwise, it may not look as good as you imagined.

You can find all these marbles and different designs at Bhandari Marble Group Kishangarh, which is the best place to buy the marble from, you will find all kinds of imported marble here.

Let’s take a look at the use of imported marbles in luxury and richness in interior design.

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Gleaming Finish of Imported Marble Flooring

The glossy finish is designed for residential floor and wall coverings that are subject to slight stresses and no exposure to outdoor areas.

Like stone and marble, the presence of small areas with non-uniform luster or dots should be considered as an intrinsic characteristic of the material derived from the particular construction process.

Elegant Marble Walls

This aesthetic marble can be the center of attraction for guests at your home. The Pride of Jewels prides itself in the technical perfection of this collection, from the vein of material to the delicate nuances and fine details. You should definitely apply this elegant marble to your Interior.

Marble Furniture

Marble makeovers in furniture have also come late. It can take center-stage acting as a grand anchor for a relaxed seating arrangement. You can use this attractive marble furniture for your interior which will catch the eyes of your guests and your visitors and it will be the center of attraction of your home.

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Marble Bathrooms

A classic all-marble set is the climax of the bathroom style. This is a great way to maintain a comfortable temperature after a steam bath or shower and looks practically astronomical.

Features of marble architecture

Beautiful staircases, fireplaces, and built-in baths instantly become more opulent when thrown into a marble mix. All of this is often necessary to make a very intuitive statement for convenience.

Marble Surfaces

As the ancients did and replaced them with marble-painted, walled, or carpeted surfaces. You can use this beautiful and eye-catchy marble kitchen countertop for your interior which can give a soothing look to your kitchen.

Why We Use Imported Marble in Our Home?

Looking for the best options for flooring or some elegant, graceful, antique, extravagant, grandiose, aesthetic piece of stone for bathtubs, countertops then marble is a wonderful choice. Sometimes it becomes a dispiriting task for people who don’t have any information about these lovely natural occurring stones. Read this blog to find more about marble.

  • The marble looks breathtaking :- Marble sits at the top when it comes to appearance, no other stone comes near it. It is the best natural occurring stone. Marble comes in a variety of shapes, designs, and colors. Nothing beats the beauty of marble. It is associated with a regal look.
  • Marble is highly durable:- When it comes to strength marble makes the impression that it is difficult for others to impersonate. Most of the structures contain marble like the Taj Mahal and many others. The strength of the marble makes people go gaga over it.
  • Versatility:- The things that make marble superior is its versatility. It can be used in flooring, countertops, bathtubs, patio and the list goes on and on. Marble provides the touch of royalty, feeling of class that makes it incredible.
  • Light Reflecting Properties:- Due to its amazing light reflecting property marble looks more aesthetic. Reflection makes a room more spacious and brighter.
  • Excellent Insulator:- Marble is an amazing insulator. It retains the warmth during winters and remains cool during summers. It can help to maintain the ambient temperature.
  • Timeless Elegance:- Marble comes in different shapes, textures, and designs. It has been prized with beauty and elegance and it goes with any decor.
Straight staircase - LUXO: STONE - Officine Sandrini - quarter-turn /  half-turn / stainless steel frame

Here at Bhandari Marble Group you can get best quality Imported and Italian Marble at best possible prices. For more details give a ring at 9829040013 or visit our showroom at KISHANGARH, RAJASTHAN, INDIA


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