Tuesday 26 May 2020


Marble is a stone famous from ancient times. From very old times marble is in use by people all over world. Many of our heritage monuments are built from this stunning natural stone. Its smooth eye catching texture can attract you whenever you look at it. This beautiful stone is world in itself. You can use marble for multiple reasons from flooring to home accessories everything can be made with this attractive stone.

Why to consider marble for homes

Nowadays also marble is popular in homes. When it comes to flooring most of the people go with marble as it is one of the best option. We’ve ten reasons which will help you to know Why to consider marble for homes?.

Luxurious Touch

Marble is one of the beautiful stone wherever you’ll fix it; it will definitely give you luxurious look. This is the only beautiful stone with extreme shine which highlights the beauty of your interior with its shining tone. Because of its lavish feel people choose marble over other stones. Whether the space is small or big marble always impress people.

Timeless Beauty

Marble is great beautiful stone which never loses its shine and stay in same condition for very long time. Everything made of marble is flawless. People also use accessories made of marble to give some different look to their house.
From your bathroom to basement marble is useful everywhere. You can choose any design or colour to maintain look of your house.

Long Lasting

If we talk about lifeline of marble it is very long. You don’t need to replace it small duration of time. Marble can be use for long time even marble can stay in same condition for some generations if you keep it properly.Marble is long time useful material. It never loses its shine and durability.

Natural Stone

Marble is a natural beautiful stone famous from ancient times. It is a metamorphic rock formed when limestone is exposed to high temperatures and pressures. Being a natural stone it has all important features you need for flooring or countertops.

Not much Expensive

Everybody thinks that marble is very expensive stone and it is not affordable. But the fact is marble is expensive stone except some type of marble which comes in less range.

From 30 /-Square Feet to 1800 /-Square Feet marble varies from this price range. You can choose marble according to your budget and requirements.

Trend Setter

Marble never goes out of trend. It is in trend from last many decades. Because of marble’s beautiful designs and patterns it never become outdated. As compared to other stones marble gives you vibrant features which always keep marble on trending.

Less Maintenance

If your marble is properly installed and sealed the maintenance will not be much. You only have to clean it with dry or damp cloth on alternate basis. This is one of the great reasons why people go with marble. Because everyone has lack of time so in this case people prefer less maintenance stone.

Matches every style

The best part about marble is it can match with any style or furniture.You can use it with any kind of interior decoration. From contemporary to traditional look, marble is suitable for every interior setup. Marble is always elegant and stylish, and adds an organic touch to more modern types of decor.

Patterns and colours

Marble comes in various shades, hues, colours and patterns. As it is natural stone the pattern can very rarely same. Every time you’ll get different or slightly different pattern.
It makes marble unique. From milky white to some dark black tone, every colour has its own qualities and uniqueness.

Durable Material

For homes where crowd is less and things used are not way too much bulky, marble can be durable for those homes. You can also use marble accessories which are also durable and attractive. Marble is amazingly durable stone for indoor flooring, countertops, home accessories etc.


Marble is everyone’s favorite for home design because it is such an adaptable stone. While generally thought of being used as countertops, flooring there are plenty of ways to use marble in interior design. Marble has been a common, even fashionable material for indoors. Strong and gorgeous, marble has a good impression as an excellent covering.

However, over the years, marble has gained a reputation as a demanding material that requires a lot of maintenance and is easy to scratch, stain and damage. It’s also considered luxurious, compared to other types of stones.

In the end, marble is making a return in design magazines, websites and books which is creating it beautiful choice for all

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