Tuesday 21 June 2016

Bhandari marble group

Bhandari marble group
Kishangarh Marble is a good quality budget price marble of kishangarh. Every parson want to use kishangarh marble as flooring as well as elevation. Now these days many Interior designers use kishangarh marble as a decoration stone. Kishangarh Marble is available in many type of finish and polish Bhandarimarblegroup finish Kishangarh marble in 360 degree finish with latest technology. Kishangarh Marble is now one of the biggest marble stone granite
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Market of World. Many World record holder and other awarded companies are there, recently Bhandari marble Corporation receive 5 star grade for customer satisfaction.
Kishangarh is Asia’s Largest Marble Market. More than 35000 Kishangarh Marble Suppliers, manufacturers, dealers, Wholesalers, merchants, are given there products and services in kishangarh.
In Kishangarh, there are more then 900 Gangsaws, lot of cutting machines, polish machines and other handicraft machines are available in kishangarh.
Now kishangarh is hub of marble granite and natural stone collection of finish and unfinished products.
We Bhandari marble company
The pioneer company
Marble granite and stone
Invite you to visit us facially or online for best kishangarh marble and marble in kishangarh quality marble granite and stone.
If you have any inquiry please do revert to us, We will assure you that every question receive proper Answer give you a satisfaction.
What type of Kishangarh marble?
Milky white, YSL purple, Indian marble and Italian marble makes kishangarh richest collection of World.
What is the price of kishangarh marble?
Price of Kishangarh marble start from 15 R’s to 15000 R’s.
3. Which type of size and design of kishangarh marble?
Every size and every thickness customised in kishangarh marble.
04. Who is main suppliers of Kishangarh marble?

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