Friday 31 July 2015

Introducing Crema Valencia marble

Crema Valencia marble can give Beautiful light yellow tones to any room and it is suitable for use in domestic and light commercial settings. Crema Valencia marble can also be used in, Furniture, Countertops, bar tops, Elevator cabs as per requirement.

A) What is a Crema Valencia marble?
Crema Valencia is a yellow colored marble with red veins inside it that originates from Italy and is available in polished tiles and slabs. Other name of Cream Valencia Marble is Crema Valencia and Rosa Valencia marble.

B) What sizes are available in Crema Valencia marble?
Crema Valencia marble is available in different shapes and sizes according to client’s requirement. For it you can contact us.

C) What is the Prize range of Crema Valencia marble?
It depends on product shapes and sizes. You can contacts us.

Bhandari Marble Company is one of the leading manufacturers, supplier of Crema Valencia marble. We are supplying Crema Valencia marble Slabs and Tiles in different sizes. We import, export Crema Valencia marble to many countries in World.

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