Thursday 5 February 2015

Introducing Katni Marble

Katni is a popular place for marbles mines. If you are looking for marble stones with completely different looks and styles Katni is the place to visit. All kinds of stones like granite, sandstone, limestone are available in various size and color. In katni city there is a huge market of marble stone comparable to kishangarh in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Katni marble offers attractive look to your home floor.

There are two varieties of Katni Marbles.

A) Katni Marble

B)  Kali Katni

A)  What is a Katni Marble?
Katni Marble is of the right decisions for Interiors as well as for Exteriors. There’s a huge demand of Katni Marble all over the world. Katni Marble is higly regarded in terms of quality and is offered in normal sizes and thickness in reasonable prizes. Katni Marble can even be offered as per the customize order for all over the world clients.

Katni Marble is used for handicrafts items, floorings…etc. Katni Marble could be a multi usable product and so, it is often placed in store rooms, kitchens, dining halls…etc. These can be one of the simplest options of having Katni Marble.

B) What sizes are available in Katni Marble?
 In katni Marble, one can get several sizes however the typical size of marble slabs is seven sq. feet * five Sq. feet. Alternative size depends on client demand. Manufacturers offer customized sizes however they ought to be greater than five. sq. feet * four sq. feet.

C) What is the price range of Katni Marble?
Mail us all your queries and we will provide the best quotes to you. We’ll send you complete details relating to listing. Cost depend on Katni Marble sizes, quality, costing.

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