Monday 24 November 2014

Kishangarh– The smartest choice for Italian Marble

We all are aware of the tremendous popularity Italian marble enjoys in our life. Talk of any world class building, corporate office, mega trade centers, public monuments and offices you would find Italian marble all over the place. Italian marble has become part and parcel of modern world.

The Italian marble is widely appreciated for its high luster and visual appeal. Available in wide variety as natural stones and machine processed stones these can be a real style statement. Major products include Italian marble flooring, Inlays, statues, and marble boutiques. This post is going to answer all your queries about Italian marble. Let us first start with the basic questions one has in mind while thinking about Italian Marble:

Which color would be good for kitchen & bedroom? Witch stone is good for parking area? Some one likes Statuario marble while others want cost effective products. Somebody would go for quality while the others for style and luster.

Consider an example of a traditional family where one can find different opinions - the son needs something extra ordinary which is both stylish and a masterpiece at the same time whereas the father wouldneed products to be in budget. Then there would be housewives who want some unique design. Do not forget the uber cool daughters who want pink counter top.

Therefore selecting the best Italian Marble for your dream home or project can be really gruesome experience.Don’t get discouraged by the story so far as the solution to all problems is available in this post. You are lucky to be reading this post as it discusses about the best Italian marble, Italian Marble dealer, Italian marble price, Statuario marble dealer and Onyx marble dealer. The one stop solution for all your marble requirements ends at Kishangarh Marble. You might be guessing why Kishangarh Marble; you need to look at the following data.

Why Kishangarh Marbles-
  • Total recoverable reserves of marble in India are estimated at 825 million tones by IBM, out of which 563 million tones alone are found in Rajasthan
  • About 85% country's production is shared by Rajasthan. It has produced 4278.63 thousand tons of marble during 1999-2000 worth for 69 million $ (Sale value)
  • International standard Marble cluster has been developed at Kishangarh to expedite the growth of Marble Industry in Rajasthan.
  • Development of high rake frequency rail network and container depot. At Kishangarh has led to pan India Marble stone supply a reality.
  • Kishangarh is Asia’s largest Marble market with annual transaction to the tune of 242 million dollar.
All the products from the heart of Marble city of Rajasthan - Kishangarh are available here for trading. Be it Italian Marble, Statuario Marble and Onyx marble all the products can be found here.

Technology and Processing-

Kishangarh has strong industry academia with focus on International curriculum and research. The companies here have their own team of intellectuals that closely monitor all the major news of the marble world. They have strategic partnership with international Italian marble dealer and manufacturers in Carrera (Italy) for quality marble and granite. The fully equipped manufacturing units having state of the art machineries guaranties quality products with unique style and design. In short it is the place where creativity meets productivity.

Italian marble price

Italian Marble price In India start from Rs. 150 per Square Feet and goes up to Rs. 2000 per Square Feet depending on the selection and quality. The products can be categorized into Italian marble floorings, Italian marble inlays, Italian marble tiles and Italian marbles slabs.

All the products are available on our websites of various exporters and dealers under different product categories. Spare some time and glance through their product galleries which has been designed especially for online audiences like you who need top quality Italian marble.

Connectivity and Services

Kishangarh is well connected with Indian metro cities such as Delhi and Mumbai via the Golden quadrilateral transport corridor. It has its own airport currently under construction.Major world class companies have their centralized office at Kishangarh in Rajasthan where you will find 24*7 online response. Once you provide your queries through online form or by contacting us directly, the experienced logistics team make sure your product reaches to you in time. There is collaboration with all international cargo players and transport players for a rich delivery experience. According to a study conducted by KPMG the development of Heavy cargo type, quick and safe delivery requirement through Container – Rail based mode of transportation has been major cause of growth of the marble industry at Kishangarh.

Thanks to the technology that we today have virtual online studios in the form of retailer’s websites where one can look for all the permutations and combinations and do not need to visit a store.It is always a win win situation for you if you can get your marble products directly delivered at your location.

The story of one such retailer is worth mentioning.Having historical presence in the marble city of Rajasthan with their traditional house in Kisangarh and Makrana it is the Bhandari Marble Company who have the marble business passed on from one generation to other nurturing the rich experience of marble trading and exporting. Currently the fourth generation is active as Kishangarh marble dealer and Makrana marble dealer.

Please visit for a whole new experience of Italian marble. I am sure you will not be disappointed. I hope I’ve addressed most of your queries and concerns about Italian marble and Kishangarh marble. Till next time keep rocking and enjoy reading this blog.

The author has interest in Italian marble and been researching about Italian marble industry in the Kishangarh.

Kishangarh Marble

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