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Processing Centre in kishangarh

Processing Centre in kishangarh
Bhandari Marble Group
We thankfully acknowledge the receipt of your inquiry, Allow us the pleasure to
introduce ourselves.We are the Bhandari marble world.
Being the world's 2nd largest marble producing company. Established
in 1969, today, we have emerged to become the undisputed leaders in the
marble industry.

Bhandari Marble Group is one of the India's leading manufacturer of marble cutting and stone processing machines. Established in 1969, we manufacture Multi blade Gang saw, single blade block dressing machines Gantry crane, Derrick Crane and other marble cutting machines.
Bhandari Marble Group
The Company is equipped with facilities to manufacture high quality marble cutting machines. We have a well established quality management system, which aims at continuous improvement providing substantial value for the customer.
We are enclosing herewith the LINK of our Ebook Catalog & Virtual Showroom
Processing Centre
It takes thousands of dedicated workers and state-of-the-art equipment to transform raw marble into the dazzling products we see in homes and commercial spaces. At the Bhandari Marble processing centre in Kishangarh, over two million cubic feet of raw marble is processed each year for customers throughout the world. The processing of marble slabs includes following activities:

1. Receipt of raw marble blocks:

Bhandari Marble Group
The raw marble blocks received at factoryare unloaded in the gantry yard with the help of Gantry Cranes.

2. Dressing of Marble Blocks:

Bhandari Marble Group
The dressing machine operator dresses the marble block from all the sides for removal of natural defects.

3.Block reinforcement:

Bhandari Marble Group
Before sending the fragile rough marble block to gangsaw machine for sawing, the blocks are reinforced with fibre glass net and a binding agent.Usually for sides of the block are reinforced. The block is then left for about 24 hours for curing. This process ensures minimum breakage of slabs during the sawing process.

4. Sawing Process:

Bhandari Marble Group
​Glass fibre net is applied on back face of the marble slabs to strengthen the slabs which are fragile and to enable safe handling and transportation. The glass fibre net is peeled off before fixing by the marble masion at the site.

6.Grinding Process:

Bhandari Marble Group
​Rough Grinding of Marble slab - After the 1st stage of epoxy filling the marble slabs are processed in the Grinding Machine and then these processed slabs are shifted to the RESIN line for final epoxy resin treatment.

7. Resin Treatment:

Bhandari Marble Group
​ Most of the colored material have hairline crack,minor cracks, which required to be treated. We have state of art machines to do this job, which enhances the finish of our product.The slabs are first dried in the heating chambers,high quality resin is applied, vacuumization is done to remove air bubbles, the polymerization of the resin is done through heating chambers. This process fills even the invisible cracks and produces one of the best quality possible".

8. Polishing Process:

Bhandari Marble Group
Polishing process is done with the polishing machine " The machine is used for making the surface even and then polishing marble slabs for getting a smooth and shiny surface.
The machine performs the following operations to achieve a smooth and glossy surface:
  1. Loading of the marble slab on a Tilting Roller conveyor by an Arm Crane
  2. Feeding the Slab to the polisher by free Roller conveyor
  3. Grinding of Slab surface by initial Grinding Heads
  4. Polishing of the Slab by Polishing Heads
  5. Drying of the Slab by drying unit
  6. Feeding to Tilting Roller conveyor by Motorized Roller conveyor
  7. Unloading of Slabs by Arm Crane

Machinery details

Bhandari Marble Group
  • 2 nos. Gantry equipped with 5 nos. Gantry cranes to handle the unloading of rough marble block.
  • 12 nos. Dressing Machines - Dressing of marble blocks in rectangle shape before cutting the block into slab
  • 20 Gang Saw Machines used for Sawing of marble blocks into slabs.
  • Transfer Car which is Equipped with Gangsaw machine is used for shifting of trolley.
  • 2 Automatic Resin Treatment Plants (SCI Italy) (30 slab/hr & 40 slab/hr) used for Resin treatment on the slabs
  • 1 nos. Kheda(company name) Grinding machine to grind the epoxy treated slab and then after grinding applying the final epoxy.
  • Breton Automatic Polish Line used for Mirror polishing of marble slabs
  • Breton Automatic Bridge cutting machine used for Cutting of marble slabs in accurate desired size and profile
  • 6 nos. EOT Cranes- Handling of marble slabs in the stockyard.
  • Arm Cranes Equipped with the plant for handling of marble slabs
  • Edge cutting machine used for Cutting slabs into tiles
  • Effluent treatment plant used in Recycling of water and slurry removal
  • Forklift used to transfer the raw/finished marble slabs in the factory premises
  • Small Cranes are used for staging the finished material in the desired yard.

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