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You’re facing the same conundrum that so many marble-loving home owners have wrestled with: you love marble, but is it really worth the care and maintenance to keep it looking beautiful year after year?

Compared to other natural stones like granite and quartzite, marble is a relatively soft stone. It can etch if spills aren’t cleaned up right away, and it naturally develops a patina, or change in color due to oxidation, over time. This is one of the reasons manufacturers are developing engineered surfaces that resemble marble—some people simply don’t want to stress out every time a dinner guest puts their wine glass down without a coaster. But if you’re in love with the classic look of marble, there’s simply no alternative quite as beautiful as the real thing.

We’re here to put your mind at ease, and give you 5 solid reasons why you should make the commitment to a real marble countertop.

It can be sealed to add stain protection.

One of the main concerns that homeowners have about choosing real marble for kitchen countertops is that will stain. While marble can be more susceptible to stains or etches from acidic foods and beverages (such as red wine and tomato sauce), there are precautions that can be taken to help avoid this. Your countertop fabricator can ward off stains by applying an impregnating sealer that fills the pores just below the stone’s surface to slow the absorption of liquids, allowing more time to clean up spills. Today’s sealers are highly effective at preventing staining, without altering the look of the stone itself.

While no sealer can prevent etching, which is a dulling of the stone when it comes into contact with acidic materials, a high quality sealer can go a long way in shielding your new marble from stains for years, or even decades. Ask your fabricator if they offer a multi-year stain warranty to help put your mind at ease.

2. Honed marble is just as gorgeous as polished, and you won’t have to worry about etching nearly as much.
Honed marble has a more matte surface finish, meaning any dullness that may occur from a rogue lemon slice will be much less noticeable than it would be on a highly polished surface. Honed marble has a soft, satin finish rather than a glossy shine – a look that many home owners actually prefer.

3. Every slab is unique.

Some homeowners choose to install manufactured quartz countertops that look like marble products, which can be made to mimic natural stones like marble, believing that they will be easier to maintain. While an engineered material might be lower maintenance than marble, it will never have the same depth, unique patterns, and range of colors as natural stone.

Plus, when you install a true marble countertop or vanity, you have the opportunity to select a 100% unique slab. No other kitchen will have the exact same veining and characteristics that you have in yours.

4. Marble is naturally heat resistant.

If you’re a baker, you’ll be happy to learn that marble is one of the most heat resistant stones out there, and is much more heat resistant than a common competitor – resin-based engineered quartz. This quality makes marble a popular choice for fireplace surrounds as well as counters, islands, and vanities.

5. Natural stone increases the value of your home.

Stone countertops will increase the value of your home and appeal to potential buyers, if and when you’re ready to sell. Updated countertops made of natural stone are aesthetically beautiful, and show that you’ve invested and cared for your home.

Still on the fence?

Talk to your countertop fabricator before you make a final decision. Most will be more than happy to give you a sample of the marble color you’re eyeing so you can take it home for a field test. Pour some lemonade on it, leave a coffee ring, drop a tomato slice – put your sample to the test to see how it reacts. Better yet, try a sample of both polished and honed marble to see the difference in performance.

Every home owner should take their time to make sure they’re choosing a material that’s perfect for both their lifestyle and aesthetic. A Natural Stone Institute Accredited fabricator would be happy to answer any questions you might have about marble or any other stone material so you can feel confident in your final decision.

Anyone who’s ever watched Fredrik Eklund ooh and aah over a slab of it on Million Dollar Listing knows that Carrara Marble Obsession is a real thing. For almost a decade now, we’ve seen all kinds of kitchen countertops—Formica, laminate, granite—enthusiastically ripped up and replaced by the shiny white stone with subtle gray veining. But lately, interior designers are looking beyond the ubiquitous material and its siblings, Statuary and Calcatta Gold.

“While there’s nothing wrong with these marbles per se, there’s a tremendous breadth of expressive varieties out there that can add a significant amount of dynamism and personality to your project if you’re willing to think outside the box,” says Kevin Greenberg, founder of Space Exploration.


While you can choose a countertop material based on its looks, there are plenty of other factors to consider as well. Think about whether or not it's important for your countertops to be stain resistant and durable. Do you care if the material is humanmade or would you prefer for it to be entirely natural? Are you worried about scratching and cracking?

Our countertops are likely one of the most used features in your home, even if it doesn't always feel like it. If you love to cook, your kitchen countertops certainly see a lot of use—from chopping and cleaning to withstanding heat and regular wear. Similarly, in the bathroom, your countertops need to be able to withstand daily use and should be easy to clean. That's why it's important to get all of the facts before deciding to make an upgrade to this vital part of your home.

These are all questions to ask yourself before you take the plunge and renovate your home's countertops. Ahead, learn more about the seven best countertop materials, according to interior designers. From marble and quartz to soapstone and linoleum, there's something for everyone's design tastes and practical needs.

The limitless beauty of Marble Countertops 

Perhaps the most coveted kitchen and bathroom countertop material, marble is one of your best options, according to interior designers Nina Freudenberger and Jennifer Wallenstein. "I love the way marble looks," Freudenberger says. "I find it to be the most upscale, most beautiful, and varied of all the options," the designer continues.

Wallenstein agrees, noting that while the material offers a classic look, the natural stone is quite porous and will stain over time, especially if it's exposed to citrus fruits or wine. However, Freudenberger points out that this natural wear can be a good thing. "I embrace, rather than fight it," she says. "Over time, it really develops this beautiful patina that just gets better as it is used."

The extraordinary class of quartz countertops 

Although quartz is a popular countertop material, both Freudenberger and Wallenstein offer pros and cons for this one. It's great for utility and is incredibly durable and stain-resistant; however, quartz is an engineered product, meaning it's humanmade, rather than naturally occurring.

"Beware that not all quartz is created equal," Wallenstein says. While some look almost indistinguishable from natural stones, others can turn out more like a pixelated print, the designer warns.

Soapstone Countertops the prefect choice for each kitchen 

"I am crazy about the texture and feel of soapstone," Wallenstein admits. She notes that both elements exist because of naturally occurring talc (a clay mineral) found in the stone. "It's extremely durable and holds up well to stains and heat," the designer adds. The only downside of choosing this material is that it can darken over time.

Linoleum Countertops

"I just did my kitchen in Malibu with linoleum, and I think this is a really interesting material," Freudenberger shares. The material was big in the 70s, and it appears to be making a comeback (and for good reason). The designer notes that linoleum is not only an affordable pick, but it's also an extremely hygienic natural material. "I'm finding it a little sensitive to scratching, but I think choosing a lighter color would help with this," she suggests.

Quartzite Countertops

Not to be confused with quartz, quartzite is a natural stone material that's a great alternative to marble, according to Wallenstein. She points out that it's more durable and less porous than marble, which is less susceptible to stains.

Granite has been used as a building material for centuries, so it is hard to believe that the luxurious stone only started taking over American kitchens less than 20 years ago. Today, homeowners desire the high-end surface because of its beauty and durability, and they are able to discover and afford granite countertops thanks to technology and economics. From its rich history to modern times, learn what needed to line up in order for this natural stone to become so widespread and well-sustained for so long.


After you have decided that you will use granite for your remodel project, and after you determined what color is best for your interior, it is time to decide what kind of type of granite edge you will choose. Granite edge profile is the shape that the edge of your granite kitchen top will take. You can choose between the following types.

Granite remains our most popular surface choice because of its durability and overall pleasing beauty. Our premium surface granite selection offers over 250 color patterns. We have the perfect granite countertop for your project whether your granite countertop needs are for your kitchen, bathroom, or other surface. All granite countertop slabs are in-stock and ready for prompt

Granite is composed mainly of quartz and feldspar with minor amounts of mica, amphiboles, and other minerals. This mineral composition usually gives granite a red, pink, gray, or white color with dark mineral grains visible throughout the rock.

Granite is used in buildings, bridges, paving, monuments, and many other exterior projects. Indoors, polished granite slabs and tiles are used in countertops, tile floors, stair treads and many other design elements. Granite is a prestige material, used in projects to produce impressions of elegance and quality.

Granite is a common type of felsic intrusive igneous rock that is granular and phaneritic in texture. Granites can be predominantly white, pink, or gray in color, depending on their mineralogy. ... Granitoid is a general, descriptive field term for lighter-colored, coarse-grained igneous.

Affordable Black Granite Countertops. Black granite is very popular and is always in high demand. Some of our most popular colors include Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, Black Pearl, Cambrian Black, Impala Black and India Black. At Bhandari you can choose from different options when it comes black granite.

Much of the earth's continental crust is made of granite, and it forms the cores of the continents. In North America, the landscape surrounding Canada's Hudson Bay and extending south to Minnesota consists of granite bedrock.


Types of granite colors, names, edges, maintenance and care, granite cost, and much more – everything is here, in this Types of Granite Countertops Guide – your Ultimate source of information. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen and you’re on a quest for the perfect, 100% unique natural stone countertop, you’ve come to the right place. Not only that we will show you different types of granite colors but we will also provide you with all the information needed for easy maintenance and care. This guide will make it easy for you to choose the right edge for your granite countertop and find the lowest price.

Choose the right granite color for your kitchen space and use it to make your home truly unique and timeless. When you get all the information you need from our Types of Granite Countertops Guide, pick your favorite among many granite slabs we offer, and ask for your free estimate.

Types of Granite

Granite is a natural stone and the most popular igneous rock. Many people recognize and successfully identify granite because it’s commonly used for building objects for everyday use.

Granite Definition

Granite is a light-colored igneous rock, coarse-grained. This natural stone consists mainly of quartz and feldspars with some amounts of amphibole minerals and mica. It is harder than marble and has visible grains. People from granite industry who fabricate, sell and purchase cut stone slabs for further use call this natural stone simply ”granite”. The industry calls stones like basalt, gneiss, diabase, monzonite, gabbro, pegmatite, syenite, schist, anorthosite, granodiorite, diorite, and many other rocks, simply “granite.”

Types of Granite Use

Granite industry uses granite stone to create everyday objects like countertops, wall and floor tiles, paving stone, stair treads, curbing, and building veneer. When they quarry granite from the Earth, they cut it into slabs or blocks. These granite slabs and blocks need to have a specific width, thickness, and length. Granite industry uses these slabs further for different purposes depending on these characteristics.

All types of granite are perfect for everyday use because they are heavy and strong, water resistant, wear and tear resistant, and durable. Countertops, floors, and walls made of different types of granite are also beautiful because this stone gets its full shine when polished. All these characteristics make all types of granite a highly desirable stone for multiple uses in both residential and commercial interior.

Types of Granite Colors

Types of granite colors determine minerals and rocks that make granite. Quartz, amphiboles, feldspar, potassium, and mica minerals give granite such unique colors and patterns. Different types of granite colors depend on the concentration of these minerals in the stone.

For example, quartz gives granite mainly milky white color, feldspar provides an off-white shade, biotite gives dark brown or black color, amphibole dark green or black, muscovite – yellow or metallic gold, and unique salmon pink color comes from the abundance of potassium feldspar mineral. The combinations of these minerals give us different types of granite colors – white granite, black granite, black and white, pink granite, red granite, blue granite, and green granite.

Types of Granite Colors

White for Classic and Fresh Look

White granite primarily contains milky white quartz and opaque white feldspar minerals. No white granite is perfectly white like man-made stones. Actually, if you see a countertop that is 100% white, be sure that it’s not granite but more likely quartz. White granite countertops are true works of art that will have many shades, veinings, and spots of different coloration. Most often, you will see an abundance of small black amphibole grains.

Out of all types of granite, white granite is the truest classic. Its unique, timeless beauty holds great currency in interior design. An elegant, fresh, and classic look of white granite countertops easily incorporates and complements both residential and commercial interior projects. Whether gray-flecked, black-spotted, ivory-threaded or slightly bluish, the ageless material of white granite countertops transports centuries of natural processes into our homes and offices.

Moon White Granite

Moon White Granite is a beautiful granite stone. It features delicate grains and intricate patterns with an abundance of specks and swirls. Ivory, silver, gray and jet black spots are delightfully incorporated to together to create a stunning appearance. Moon White Granite is a durable and dependable natural stone, easy to maintain. It will last you forever.

Bianco Antico Granite

Bianco Antico Granite features a gentle, soft gray background with warm pink and taupe spots and flecks. Your kitchen will never look the same with this interesting-looking stone. All the gorgeous brown and burgundy red colors and shades in Bianco Antico granite will amaze you. If you need a countertop with a fresh but classic look and strong personality, choose Bianco Antico Granite. You can find it at our granite slab yard at Granite Countertop $54.99/sqft deal.

River White Granite

River White Granite comes from India. Its white base is enriched with a wealth of light and dark gray veins and deep red burgundy spots and flecks. Each slab of this unique granite is different. Cream, blue, and gray shades intertwine with the white base and create the most amazing patterns you will ever see on a countertop. Looks, durability, and ease of maintenance are the pluses that will make you want to check out our River White Granite Countertop $44.99/sqft deal.

Black for Sharp and Chic Look

Black granite is actually gabbro rock, an igneous stone similar to basalt. It primarily contains plagioclase and pyroxene minerals. There are also amphibole and olivine minerals. However, black rocks have the same hardness and durability as all other granitic stones. When you find a black granite countertop that you like, its origin is most likely diabase, basalt, gabbro, norite, diorite, or anorthosite.

Black granite countertops present an excellent choice for everyone who likes solid colors and strong contrasts. Although some might say that black is a dramatic choice, it doesn’t have to be that way. It all depends on the combinations you choose to make in your kitchen. Black countertop can be combined with white or any other kitchen cabinets with a light color. However, you can choose to go deep and dark, too. Another choice is to give your neutral gray cabinets an interest and an edge using black granite.

These endless options show just how much black granite countertops are versatile. Whether you like misty, cool and crisp, or starry-eyed look, there are types of granite in black color that will give you just what you want. Sparkles and flecks of gold, silver, green, and gray will perfectly balance the light and dark and give your kitchen a unique, polished, and edgy look.

Black Galaxy Granite

Black Galaxy granite is an overall black granite stone with small white and gold specks. These specks can range in size from really small to large, easily noticeable pieces that will add additional drama. Tiny drops of gold and white will make Black Galaxy Granite radiate from within and create a luxurious atmosphere in your kitchen. High moisture resistance, exceptional durability, and ease of maintenance are main characteristics of this beautiful stone. Find it in at Black Galaxy Granite Countertop $54.99/sqft deal.

Black Pearl Granite

If you are looking for a black granite countertop that is deep and versatile, check out Black Pearl Granite. Like all black granites, its general appearance is dark. However, the look of Black Pearl Granite provides intrigue and additional interest. A semi-solid black color features tiny flecks and speckles of shiny silver, gold, green, brown, and gray shades. You can use it for your indoor or outdoor kitchen and enjoy its ease of maintenance. Find it in at Black Pearl Granite Granite Countertop $39.99/sqft deal.

Uba Tuba Granite Countertops

Uba Tuba Granite originates from Brazil. This deep black granite kitchen top features fine but shiny specs of green, gray, and gold shades. These various shades are multiple and they give Uba Tuba countertops a shimmering effect. If you need a statement piece in your kitchen that you can count on no matter the conditions or the number of years that will go by, take a look at Uba Tuba granite countertop. Find it in our Wayne NJ granite slab yard at Uba Tuba Granite Countertop $39.99/sqft deal.

Brown & Gold for Natural Look

Black granite countertops and white granite countertops will make a statement in your kitchen. They will clearly define your taste and give an edge or they will add a more fresh and ethereal look. If you crave earthy, natural tones, there are no better options than brown and gold granite kitchen tops. They are maybe the most versatile granite countertops of all.

Brown granite countertops are super popular among homeowners and designers who love neutral and natural wooden kitchen cabinets. Tan brown granite will beautifully complement dark wood kitchen cabinets, while dark brown granite countertops look gorgeous when they go with light wooden cabinets.

If you aspire to build a traditional, rustic, or country style kitchen, choose brown granite countertops. They feel warm, homey, familiar, and snug. If you want to add a touch of elegance, brown options with golden shades will provide just the right amount of beauty you want.

Baltic Brown Granite

Baltic Brown granite countertops present an exquisitely beautiful brown natural stone. They feature a superb blend of a brown base with small black, gray, and tan flecks. This lovely brown granite stone has the so-called “irregular” fracture. This is a special characteristic that gives especially lovely and original look to any kitchen space. With lovely look and stain, water, and mildew resistant features, Baltic Brown countertops are waiting for you to check them out at Granite Countertop $44.99/sqft Deal.

New Venetian Gold Granite

New Venetian Gold Granite is a special gold granite stone that will bring the warmth and shine of the golden sun into your kitchen. Beige and golden tones are intertwined with light veining of deep gray, red, and brown tones and shades. New Venetian Gold granite countertops present one of the most effective ways to update the look of your kitchen and add more visible value to your home. Find Venetian Gold granite in Wayne NJ at New Venetian Gold Granite Countertop $44.99/sqft deal.

Tan Brown Granite

If you love the look of darker types of granite brown countertops, check out Tan Brown granite. Brown, black, gray, burnt orange and deep red flecks and hues intertwine and together create an amazing surface for your everyday needs in the kitchen. The richness and depth of this magnificent stone are simply mesmerizing. Whether you intend to use Tan Brown Granite for interior or exterior projects, you can find it today at a special price –
$39.99 per sq ft installed.

Gray for Elegance & Class

Gray granite stones are beautifully understated, elegant, and often classy looking. When you look at a typical gray granite, you will see dominating gray shade but also a wealth of striking flecks in other colors. Like in any other kind of granite stone, you will discover an abundance of creams, rusts, reds, blacks, silvers, and golds.

Gray granites are, similar to brown options, neutral. However, they are perfect for creating more elegant and contemporary interior decors. They can also be warm and homey similar to brown granite but in a different way. Gray granite countertops are silvery shiny, unquestionably elegant, and unique. Smoky or snowy, gray granite countertops are convenient and affordable – perfect choices for your next kitchen remodel project.

Whether you are planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel, a residential or commercial project, gray granite countertops will suit a variety of aesthetics and preferences. Get inspired by two of our most popular and best-selling types of granite gray options – New Caledonia Granite and Steel Gray Granite.

New Caledonia Granite

New Caledonia Granite is one of the most beautiful and the most interesting types of granite in gray color. Intricate shades of grays and white range from light gray to charcoal shade. Add natural beauty and unique, elegant vibe with New Caledonia Granite countertops to the most important room in your home! Their unique, consistent grain structure makes it easy to combine different slabs of this gray granite stone. Find New Caledonia Granite in Wayne NJ at New Caledonia Granite Countertop $39.99/sqft deal.

Steel Gray Granite

Steel Gray Granite comes from India. It represents a low-variation durable granite stone with an abundance of various gray shades and tiny flecks of lighter grays. Steel Gray Granite countertops present an ideal solution if you love mysterious, dark gray look. They are a perfect example of how you can create a sleek, contemporary decor using traditional stone. Whether you need it for a residential or commercial remodel project, you can find it in Wayne NJ at Steel Gray Granite Countertop $44.99/sqft deal price.

Quartzite vs Granite

Both Quartzite and Granite are natural stones and both are great choices for your project. Learn their differences to choose the one that is right for you.


If it is pure, quartzite is more expensive than granite.


It is difficult to see the difference between granite and quartzite as both have mineral quartz in their origin. However, they formed in different ways. Quartzite is commonly found in lighter colors and patterns that resemble marble.


quartzite and granite are equally durable and require the same level of maintenance. Both are more durable and require less maintenance than marble.

Straight Edge Granite Type

These edges feature a slightly rounded design. They are best for simple and clean, contemporary countertop designs and interiors. This type of edge will easily blend with the kitchen and won’t steal attention from your beautiful granite kitchen top.

Eased Edge Type

This type of granite edge is the most popular. It is not too rounded but it is also not too sharp. This edge is basically a 90-degree square edge that is slightly eased. This type of granite edge adds the thickest look to the granite countertop. It is easy to clean and doesn’t hold spillages that so often happen in a kitchen.

Beveled Edge Granite Type

If you want to achieve a sleek, elegant, and modern look in your kitchen, choose this type of granite edge. Beveled edge features a 45-degree angle clipped flat corner. Your granite fabricator will be able to customize the angle and the width of the bevel edge to meet your needs. Because of its simple, flat design, beveled granite edge is also easy to clean and maintain.

Ogee Edge

This is a classic looking granite edge, perfect for traditional kitchen designs. There is a groove on a bottom that is rounded. Ogee edge can feature a simple, subtle line, or a deeper, more visible and dramatic curve. If you want to make a statement with the edge, that Ogee Edge is perfect for you. Just keep in mind that it would steal too much of attention in a smaller kitchen space. Its curves also take more effort to maintain and keep clean.

Bullnose Edge Type

It features rounded look ideal for sophisticated traditional kitchen and bath decors. Pick this edge type if you want your granite countertop to appear thinner and classic. If you want an ease of maintenance, this is the best of all types of granite edges for you. Keeping it in pristine condition is easy.

Waterfall Granite Edge Type

It is rounded and features clean and sleek look, perfect for modern, contemporary designs. This edge looks like there is almost no edge at all. That is why its name is Waterfall. It seems like granite flows over the countertop without a stopping point. This is also one of the safest granite edges you can choose.

Types of Granite Countertops Guide - Types of Granite Grades

How To Differ Types of Granite Grades

It is great that you have decided to use some of the types of granite we presented you in this Types of Granite Countertops Guide. If you would like to gain deeper knowledge of different granite grades, you’ve come to the right place. We are proud to say that Aqua Kitchen and Bath provides only premium grade granite slabs.

Low-Grade Granite

Level 1 is commercial grade or builder’s grade, entry level granite stone. This low-grade granite is cut thinner, usually about 3/8 inch. Builders are using it for pre-fab remodels and building apartments. It features a simple design and standard colors.

Mid Grade Granite

Level 2 is generally imported from Brasil or India. It features a bit more unique colors than Level 1 Granite and 3/4 inch average thickness.

Top Grade Granite 

Level 3 + has more than just 3 levels. These often go up to 7 levels with granite countertops of the finest quality, most unique designs, veins, rare colors, and patterns. Highest grade granites are usually cut into 3/4 inch or more average thickness. This is the kind that Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design provides.

• Granite Countertops Cost

Granite countertops have an affordable price comparing to other natural stones like marble and quartzite. The final granite countertops cost will depend on the size of your countertop and on the number of granite slabs you’re purchasing. Average cost of granite countertops ranges from $50 to $100 per square foot. Generally, fabrication and installation come free of charge. The thickness of the granite slab, as well as the pattern and color, will affect the price.

Here, at Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center, granite countertops cost starts at $34.99 per square foot installed – single slab deal and goes to Granite Countertop $54.99/sqft deal. This granite countertops cost is lower than the average. We have included a free estimate, free fabrication, free edge treatment, free sealer treatment, and free installation in our low granite countertops price

• Granite Countertops Maintenance and Care

Granite countertops are easy to maintain and care for. This natural stone is exceptionally durable and strong. To keep its impeccable looks and performance, make sure to seal it once a year. When your local granite fabricator installs your granite countertops, they will seal their surface. Sealant gives your granite countertops best protection against moisture and spills. If you want to put the sealant yourself, make sure you use a high-quality product and follow manufacturer’s instructions.

On an everyday basis, clean your granite counters using a soft, cotton cloth and mild water with just a drop of ph neutral cleanser or any ph neutral liquid soap. Make sure not to use any scrubbers or harsh cleansers. If your granite is sealed properly, light cleaning is all that you need to keep it looking and performing perfectly. All types of granite countertops can withhold high temperatures, so putting hot pots and pans on them is not a problem. However, a damage is possible under extreme temperatures.

Lets Choose the Right Types of Granite Countertops in India
Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center is located in India and has all the right types of granite countertops you want to consider for your kitchen remodel. From single slab deals to $39.99, $44.99, and $54.99 deals per square foot installed, we have the lowest prices on Granite Countertops. All our types of granite countertops are of the highest grade quality, featuring unique colors and patterns.

Whether you are planning a residential or commercial project, we hope this Types of Granite Countertops Guide has given you all the necessary information you need to know. When you come to our granite slab, we will answer any questions you may have and show you all the slabs you are interested in. Check out our Products, Monthly Specials, You can also contact us online today and find that perfect type of granite countertop you’ve been looking for.

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The Bhandari Marble World resting firmly on a sound financial base started its activities in India in 1631 since, last 387 years, the BHANDARIMARBLEGROUP has Sister Concern Firms Bhandari Marble Group with farsightedness and well-planned strategy, the group has built up a desirable.


Owing to the versatility and quality of our products, our client base has expanded across the world. Apart from this, our skilled team of professionals, wide distribution network, client centric approach and ethical business dealings also helped us in the growth of our organization. Company.

BHANDARIMARBLEGWORLD always work for efficiency and effectiveness


To be a company built on the trust of clients, providing them finest quality, be it office, residence, commercial or any architectural project. Aspire to be an Quality and Variety driven company which should be known for its world class art and craftsmanship in stone industry.


The Indian & Imported Natural Stones and Artifacts available with us are used in variety of interior and exterior applications for table tops, borders, making architectural ornaments such as jellies & columns and for carving garden ornaments like fountains, statues and decorative. Take pride in exporting exceptional quality natural stones, incredible for residential and commercial developments.


Welcome to Bhandari Marble Group Natural Stones the wonderful world of beautiful Indian Marble. We are a top notch and leading Indian Marble Manufacturers, Indian Marble Exporters, Marble Producer, Marble Products Manufacturers and Wholesale Suppliers of Multicolour Indian Marbles.


Granite is nearly always massive, hard and tough, and it is for this reason it has gained widespread use as a construction stone. It has been extensively used as a dimension stone in flooring tiles in public and commercial buildings and monuments; polished granite has been a popular choice for kitchen platform staircase etc


Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed of small grains cemented by siliceous, felspathic, or calcareous cementing material. The durability of rock depends on the cementing material. Sandstone is often formed in layers and has varied applications as building stones. Sandstone is highly used for Elevation and decoration.


We at BHANDARIMARBLEGROUP provide best quality products to our valuable customers. Our products are highly competitive with international export standards.

Quality Policy

BHANDARIMARBLEGROUP is capable of supplying large quantities of Granites, Marbles, Soft Quartzite’s, Soapstone’s and Phillies in form of Slabs, Tiles and countertops and cut to size shapes and forms.

Pricing Policies

We offer highly competitive prices to our clients. We understand our clients and their needs better.

Speed Policy

We at BHANDARIMARBLEGROUP understand that how important is to our clients to meet the deadlines. Thus, we ensure that there won’t be any unnecessary delays in delivery, It’s how we continue to meet-and execute our commitments.

Customer Policy

With a single- minded focus, BHANDARI is uniquely positioned to support today’s demand for world – class stones. Through our unified business approach, we deliver best in class Indian Natural Stones, Our export division is aligned with our client’s need. Through our consortium approach, clients receive best-of-field materials combined with best-of-breed services from us.

Our Employee Our Strength

We have a dedicated team of professional & highly skilled management to ensure every client is well served, our people are recognized all over for their innovation, response & flexibility.

Our Products Our Identity

Our Products are competitive to be of international export standards. Our stones are used in construction purpose of residential & commercial buildings around of the World. We are the pioneer manufacture & exporters of the wide range of stones.



To be a leader in the Natural Stone industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.


To provide quality products that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Mission Statement

To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Core values

We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith • We grow through sheer hard work and determination. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.


Expansion in the field of Mining and processing of natural stones and developing a strong base of key customers. Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services. To build good reputation in the field and become a key player in the industry.


Customer Focus
Organization Pride
Mutual Respect and trust
Initiative and Speed
Total Quality


We personally invite designers and architects to find exclusive quality of stone for all types of projects. For more information, follow our Face book and Instagram.


BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP has been a reliable partner for all your MARBLE GRANITE AND NATURAL STONE requirements since the year 1631. Decades of experience in the marble industry has made us what we are and we remain grateful to our Architect and Interior designer friends and our vast clientele for contributing to our success.

BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP has exclusive relationships with some of world’s most renowned Architects, Interior designers, Builders, Developers from all around the globe.
From homes or villas, to hotels, we cater to all types of requirements. Exclusive quality marble, granites and natural stone is available for projects such as Malls, Towers, Showrooms, Villas, Hospitals, Hotels, Complexes, Casinos, College, Township, and other projects. Besides this our Natural stones are being used widely in landscape, Sugar mill, Oil mills, Steel mills, Ceramic industry, Food Processing, Power Industry, & Agriculture Industry marketed under the brand name of BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP, established in the year 1631.

We stick to our principles of utmost dedication that enables us to work round the clock with well qualified and professionals in delivering the complete range of high precision quality MARBLE GRANITE AND NATURAL STONE. We are manufacturers, suppliers, distributers, wholesalers and have been a pioneer in the stone industry.
Extra care and efforts have been put to ensure that excellent quality is maintained during the production to meet the INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS.


Export Policy

Symbolizes impeccable quality and unparalleled service. The brand has been associated with grandeur and elegance, with a reputation for providing the most superior class of marble. Respected by its peers and customers alike, the company has been steadfast in its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Today, the company has established itself as one of India’s largest importers and exporter retailers of natural stones. The exquisite range of over 500 types of marble, granite, onyx, travertine, mother of pearl, quartzite & semi – precious stone is procured from the world’s finest quarries, nestled in Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Brazil and 57 other countries.

BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP success has been built on the four pillars of product expertise, consistent quality, unwavering commitment and moral integrity. The management is passionate, highly motivated and driven by excellence.


Caters exclusively to the growing demand for Indian and imported granite. The company has seen exponential growth, which has resulted from its customer focused approach, superior quality and exotic collection of products.



Bhandari Marble Group aim is to beautify every residential & commercial project in India. Bhandari Marble Group envision redefining floor styles by making the world’s most exquisite natural stones available to you.


We work towards embracing change, pursuing growth, building a positive team by developing our work culture, our brand and business strategies.


Our founders have more than 387 years of experience in the stone industry and are considered as pioneers of the trade.


Bhandari Marble Group products are sourced from the finest quarries of the world and only the most premium grade of material is procured for our customers.


Bhandari Marble Group stockyards are amongst the largest in the country and provide the widest range of readily available material.

Personal Touch

Bhandari Marble Group product experts have strict quality control measures and personally inspect each block and each slab of marble.


Bhandari Marble Group long established relationships with quarry owners in more than 75 countries make us their preferred partner for the India market.

Corporate Governance

Our internal processes ensure that the employees provide the highest level of service to our customers. Provide them best quality of material with full of satisfaction.


Message from CEO

Mr. Rahul Bhandari

Bhandari Marble Group was established to cater to the increasing demand for marble and granite. Since its inception in 1631, our vision has been to provide our customers with the most exquisite natural stones in the world. The group carries its operations with utmost honesty, transparency, dedication and conviction. These values have been fundamental to our growth, professional excellence and community development.


Take pride in our client relationships and strive to be known for our quality, reliability and responsiveness. We firmly believe that our customer focused approach and commitment to quality has helped us make the leap from customer satisfaction to customer delight.

The changing landscape of the Indian economy and its dynamic markets give us the opportunity to constantly develop our processes.

Bhandari Marble Group learns and grows every day, and yet, each employee still remains true to the simple values that formed the core of this company.

As we envision the future and move forward, the group continues to further invest in new technologies to enhance product & service quality in every possible way.


Please find the answers to your question below
1. You/company are/is willing to supply me the products (marbles etc.).
Yes, Our Company is one of the largest marble exporters in India and we look forward to doing business with you.
2. Will you reduce the cost of products for me or will you provide commission at a rate mutually agreed by us?
We provide you the best quality products at best price in India. We are willing to provide you a 13% commission.
3. I can sell the products at any desired price and that will not be of any concern to you/your company.
Definitely we would not be concerned about the profit margin that you keep for yourself. Thus, you can sell the products at any price that you desire.
4. For example if someone from Australia contacts you regarding buying your products, you are willing to refer the buyer to me and not deal with him directly instead.

Since Bhandari Marble Group exports products to several countries around the globe, we welcome all buyers. However, if you purchase a minimum of 50 containers per year and more, then we would not be dealing with any other buyers from Australia or any other country and we would refer them to you instead.
Hope this cleared all your queries.
You may send in any more questions that you may have. Looking forward to a successful deal.

Best Regards



Katni marble, Makrana marble, and Dungri Marble are the most common types of Marble. They add beauty to the flooring and are very famous products in the Marble market. These types of marbles are in heavy demand by customers from all over the world for their unique qualities like heat resistance and stylish appearance. For those looking to add the best marble flooring, we would suggest you go for Katni marble, Wonder white marble, Banswara marble, and Onyx Indian marble. Bhandari marble group’s Katni marble available in various sizes and other sizes can also be made available as per the customer. The price range of Katni Marble at Bhandari Marble Group starts from 40 Rs. per sq. feet Read More...
Statuario Marble


One of the all-time classic marbles, Statuario is a highly dramatic white and grey marble. With vivid and artistic veining, Statuario is bound to be the focal point of any design interior it occupies. White Statuario Marbles are used for flooring and wall in interiors as well as exteriors. It generally comes with natural textures and white color and it has nice durability and strength. In order to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients, we use the finest raw materials, modern machines, and technology for manufacturing the White Statuario Marbles. Our marbles are long-lasting & durable in nature and are specifically designed to enhance the look of any place. Statuario is the most precious marble varieties found.
kishangarh Marble Market


Good day!

Greetings from Bhandari marble group,
Hope you had a comfortable trip to the Bhandari marble group, India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh.
On behalf of the Bhandari marble group we would like to extend you a big warm welcome on your visit to marble granite and natural stone studio, flooring, elevation and decoration of your home villa, hotel and project. for taking the time to check our fine collection of marble stone. Your gracious visit makes it more special, and we thank you for the same.
We request your guidance at all our collection that have been assorted to make your dream home more beautiful one details of all stones are available in our e-book catalogs and you can see display all products in our online virtual showroom along with our website.
For your convenience we have arranged complimentary pick facility from Jaipur to our marble stone studio kishangarh so you can contact us accordingly.
Please feel free to order us for any type of finish polish fixing home delivery from our stone studio as per your need.
If you wish to book online do ask our sales manager to apply discount before you set tel the bill.
If you need any other assistance during your visit or online booking please contact the help deck of Bhandari marble group.

Bhandari Marble Group is one of the leading on manufacturer, exporter, importer and supplier company in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, India. We also export to marble, granite, natural stone and Sandstone in all over world. We provide these marbles with reasonable prices.

Which city is the largest producer of marble in India? Marbles:

KISHANGARH Rajasthan is the largest producer and resource holder of marble in India The state accounts for ~90% of India's marble, Italian marble, Imported marble, International marble, granite, and natural stone. Which city is the largest produ
cer of marble? Marble City of India Kishangarh Rajasthan India is one of the largest producers of dimensional stone in the world. The production of dimensional stone accounts for almost 30% of the world's stone and 90% of Indian production. Kishangarh marble market is very well known for its stone market. Kishangarh marble rates are always competitive. Kishangarh marble by Bhandari marble group in Kishangarh marble market: We are India's

Bhandari marble group The pioneer company of marble granite and Natural stone. We deal in Italian marble, Italian marble tiles, Italian floor designs, Italian marble flooring, Italian marble images, India, Italian marble prices, Italian marble statues, Italian marble suppliers, Italian marble stones etc.

Bhandari Marble Group Italian Marble Kishangarh, Rajasthan is the best suppliers, manufacturers, and dealers of marbles and granites in the market and all over India. We provide the good quality of product and services.


Natural stone is a versatile material that can be used in many places throughout the home. Commonly used for kitchen countertops, stone is also a great choice for fireplaces, bathroom vanities, cladding, flooring, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits. Choosing the stone best suited to your project means you will enjoy your stone for many years. Spending some time considering your stone choice will allow you to select the stone that works best. Below we consider some factors to take into account, plus some common applications for the most popular stone choices.


Granite is an extremely hard, durable stone that is available in almost any color imaginable. Consistently popular as a low maintenance, high performance kitchen countertop material, it requires little aftercare if it is cleaned after use. Cleaning is simple with mild dish soap and water. In many cases, granite should be sealed using a quality sealer. Once properly sealed, granite will be even more resistant to everyday dirt and spills. Due to its durable nature, granite is suitable for many other applications, such as flooring, shower walls, fire pits, wall cladding, bathroom vanities, desks and tables.


Marble is an elegant, classic choice popular throughout the ages. While white marble is the most popular color choice, many other color options do exist. Marble is softer than granite, so it will stain, etch and scratch more easily. Commonly used for bathroom vanities, backsplashes, fireplaces and bar-top designs, it can also be used for kitchen countertops, but users need to be aware it will develop a patina a slight change in color or texture as it’s exposed to various elements over time as it wears with use. For this reason, it is not usually recommended for high-traffic kitchens.


Quartzite is most often found in white and grey color
varieties, and can look similar in appearance to marble, but is harder than marble, making it an attractive alternative for kitchen countertops. Other popular applications include walls, flooring, and stair steps. Quartzite usually needs to be sealed when it’s installed, to help it resist stains. It should be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth and mild soap and any spills should be wiped up immediately.


Soapstone is a durable stone that is softer than granite and primarily composed of talc. Most commonly found in light grey hues, it can also have tones of blue or green. It is heat resistant, which makes it ideal for fireplaces. Soapstone lining in a fireplace can quickly absorb heat and remain warm for some time after the fire is out. It can also be used for kitchen countertops. Scratches can be easily repaired with ordinary sandpaper and mineral oil. Due to its non-porous nature and resistance to extreme temperatures, soapstone is a popular choice for outdoor kitchens.
soapstone. Photo courtesy European Stone Concepts.


Onyx is easily identified due to its striking appearance, with alternating bands of color. It is most commonly used as a statement piece, and is often backlit, such as on bar-tops or a statement wall. It can also be used as a backsplash for kitchens and bathrooms, but is not usually recommended for countertops or high traffic areas due to its delicate nature. Onyx is a fragile stone that needs to be cared for to prevent scratching and etching. If it is used for countertops, it needs to be sealed properly and then cleaned with special stone cleaner at frequent intervals to help prevent scratching and staining.

Green onyx from Pacific Shore Stones. Photo courtesy of Ellen Cornell, Cornell & Company.In simplified terms, you can think of gneiss as a metamorphic version of granite. Both gneiss and granite are made of feldspars, quartz, mica, and smaller amounts of dark colored minerals like hornblende. Both have tightly interlocking minerals, so they are minimally porous. On paper, they have similar properties and can be used in the same ways.

The difference between granite and gneiss is in their overall texture and movement. Granite is evenly speckled. It formed from liquid magma that cooled and crystallized. Granite is like rocky road ice cream a solidified conglomeration of different ingredients.

Gneiss, arguably, is more visually interesting. It’s characterized by stripes, linear bands, or flowy rivers of color. This pattern is called foliation and it’s a result of the rock being squeezed and heated. Gneiss is like ribbon candy

– it’s been folded and swirled while hot, and then left to harden. The stone captures the expressiveness and movement that come from its dynamic origins.
The striped, wavy look of gneiss comes from extreme amounts of compression. The random orientation of minerals you see in granite is an inefficient use of space, sort of like the ragtag pile of magazines you left next to the couch. Those magazines take up less space if you stack them all the same way, right? This principle applies to minerals too. They align themselves in the same direction when they get buried a few miles deep and pressed between colliding continents.

If the pressure on the stone is evenly distributed, you get straight or gently flowing stripes, like Agatha Black or Viscount White. If the compression involves folding or twisting, as it often does in geologic crumple zones, then you get a stone with wavy or ribbonlike texture. Amadeus and Black Forest are examples of gneisses with dynamic textures.

Just like you and me, gneiss comes from its parents
All metamorphic rocks have a parent rock, which is a rather sweet way of describing what the stone was before it encountered the heat and pressure that transformed it into a metamorphic rock. The parent rock of gneiss can be granite, but it can also be shale or an impure sandstone meaning it contains more than just pure quartz sand.
Previous articles have described the continuum of metamorphism as a stone is exposed to increasingly torturous heating and compression. Shale becomes slate, then phyllite, then schist, then gneiss. Each of these steps is gradual, as the stone slowly changes in response to the conditions it experiences.

Regardless of its geologic parent rock, gneiss is near the end of the metamorphic road. Heat it further and it begins to melt. When it starts to melt, it doesn’t do so at once. The mineral quartz will melt first. Another delicious food analogy applies here. The beginning of the melting process is just like a chocolate chip cookie left in a warm car. The chocolate chips will melt long before the rest of the cookie does. In gneiss, you can often see fluid-looking pockets of quartz that were melted while the rest of the rock remained solid. A gneiss that was partway melted is called migmatite, which means mixed rock. Part metamorphic, part igneous. Examples of migmatite are Titanium, Cosmic Black, and Tropical Black.

The geologic basement

Gneiss is one of the most common rocks on Earth’s surface. It forms the basement rocks that are below most land masses. These basement rocks are over a billion years old and, just like the basement of your house, they are the foundation for the layers above. Newer stones pile up on top of the basement. But sometimes those newer layers get scraped away by erosion, and the older layers get heaved upward by mountain building. Behold, the basement sticks out at the surface. I like how gneiss offers a glimpse of what went on in the depths of Earth’s crust; the flowing swirls of color reveal how the whole rock was once fluid and bendable.

Gneiss Aesthetics

One of the fun things about natural stone is the huge range of aesthetics that are expressed in stone. Gneiss is no exception; it comes in many variations, and can appeal to many different styles and tastes. While all gneiss is striped or banded, the bands can be straight, gently wavy, or chaotic. The colors can be mostly dark, or mostly light. The stone can be black and white, or black and pink, or black and gold, or nearly any combination thereof. Interesting minerals like garnets dark pink, round specks or kyanite blue, elongated crystals can liven up the usual combo of minerals.

Note that a stone of a given name can have different patterns depending on which direction it is cut and which part of the quarry it is from. Viscount White, for example, can be serene or vivid. When shopping for gneiss, it’s helpful to select specific slabs to get the look you want.

Uses of gneiss

Gneiss is a terrific stone for many purposes. It tends to be blocky and dense, and makes robust dimension stone for buildings, walls, and landscaping. Gneiss is also a durable choice for interior uses, and makes a fantastic countertop or tile. The minerals in gneiss do not etch when exposed to normal household acids like vinegar or citrus. Take comfort in knowing that gneiss can withstand heavy use; it is made up of minerals in the 6-7 range on Mohs scale, meaning it’s harder than glass and about the same hardness as steel. It tends to be low in porosity, meaning it is not likely to stain, but there is some variability here, and some gneisses benefit from sealing.

There are two caveats when working with gneiss. One is that the linear grain in the stone can sometimes mean that the stone wants to split along those layers. This is not common, but worth considering if you have a large overhang. Try to minimize overhanging areas where the overhang is parallel with the natural grain of the stone. Or, if you do use the stone this way, be sure it’s well-supported underneath.

Second, keep an eye out for large areas of mica minerals, which are readily identified by their glittery look. In gneiss, mica minerals tend to form their own layers, which are likely weaker areas than the surrounding feldspar and quartz. Some of the dark colored gneisses have large amounts of biotite mica. Learn more in the article about schist.

All in all, gneiss is a durable, functional stone with a pleasing range of aesthetics. If you crave a rock-solid building stone or a countertop with flow and personality, check out a nice piece of gneiss.


Choosing natural stone instead of a manmade product means that your design will be truly unique, because each slab of natural stone is different. When choosing your stone, be sure to visit stone yards to look at the actual slabs you’re going to use, rather than selecting from a sample. This allows you to see the color, veining, and movement that appears throughout the slab. Natural stone presents a huge range of color choices, so taking samples of other parts of your project, such as paint samples, cabinet doors, backsplash tiles, or faucets, can help narrow down the selection.


It’s important to think about the space where the stone will be used. If it’s for a high-traffic area, such as a busy family kitc
hen, you may want to select a harder stone that is more resistant to abrasions. Softer stones require more frequent cleaning and care to prevent etching and scratching. For this reason, softer stones are often more suited to areas where the stone is not exposed to as much use, such as wall cladding, backsplashes and bathroom vanity tops. The amount of time you want to spend cleaning and caring for your stone should be considered as part of the selection process.

Commonly Used Stone Types


Using natural stone for a project presents an exciting array of choices. Ultimately, the choice of stone is down to personal preference, but the factors discussed above should be taken into consideration to help with the decision making process. Talking to an experienced stone professional about your vision and specific needs for your project is also recommended. For more information about caring for stone.


Bhandari Marble Group is the well known for top quality marble suppliers in marble market. Since 1631 we are manufacturing and supplying the top quality marble and Granite in India. We have more than 500 unique designs and different-different sizes of marbles and Granite. So people have lots of choices to choose from them.

We deal in onyx marble, marble stone, Statuario marble, Italian marble, Indian marble, Kishangarh marble, granite and provides any kind of natural stone with great finishing that our customers need. We are the most reputed suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, imported marble suppliers in the market.

We provide great collection of imported and Indian marbles to your home, office, hotel, hospital and any other location with fast and quality service.

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We have the fully experienced team for cutting, finishing and supplying the marble stone with the latest technologies.

We are one of the greatest marble manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of all kind of marble stones like marble, Italian marble, Marble Flooring, Onyx marble, Statuario marble, Sandstone, Kishangarh marble, Indian marble, Makrana marble, and Granite at an affordable price. Looking for any kind of quality marble, granite in India or anywhere in the world, you are at the best place. We provide quality marble, Granite, Limestone etc in India or anywhere in all over the world at wholesale price.


We are the specialize in quality, quantity and finishing of marble stone, that is our unbeatable strategy or no one can match our quality and price. We have the wide collection of Indian marble, Italian marble, granite, sandstone and many other marble stone. We have the largest and maximum experienced team of engineers who delivers the marble products to our customers at reasonable price.


We have come a long way since 1631 and our goals have been high on quality, quantity, finishing which is not achieved by any other company. We have broken major records in terms of service and quality hence the true pioneer of marble.


We personally invite designers and architects to find exclusive quality of stone for all types of projects.
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP has been a reliable partner for all your MARBLE GRANITE AND NATURAL STONE requirements since the year 1631. Decades of experience in the marble industry has made us what we are and we remain grateful to you for contributing to our success.
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP has exclusive relationships with some of world’s most renowned Architects, Interior designers, Builders, Developers from all around the globe.
From homes or villas, to hotels, we cater to all types of requirements.
For more information, follow our Facebook and Instagram.

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