Friday, 13 February 2015

Introducing Pink Marble

Pink marble is a very high quality marble. This stone usually utilized in the development of various notable buildings and monuments throughout the world and it is also exported from India. The Kishangarh marble flooring industry is manufacturing pink marble and exporting all over the word. We provide marble with quality and sturdiness. It's because when someone makes his home for the first time it’s our duty to provide the wonderful quality of stones to make this experience an lifetime experience. The pink marble usually utilized in shopping centers, hotels and cinema halls.It is used in public places and hence ought to be attractive. The pink marble provides wonderful look to building.

The most frequent questions asked by the costumers are as under:

A) What is Pink Marble?
It is the standard of Marble. It requires no color modification, no pin holes. This is often found in buildings and various temples, mosques, churches and monuments. These marbles have white color and opaque look with different figurative styles and patterns.

B) Which sizes are available in Pink Marble?
In Pink Marble, one will get different sizes however the typical size of marble block is half-dozen Sq. feet * five Sq. feet. Alternative sizes are obtainable as per the customized orders of client.

C) What is the price range of Pink Marble?
Prices rely upon Pink Marble quality and sizes. If you'll buy Pink Marble tiles then they will cost you less.For more details suitable to your requirements please email your queries to us. We’ll send you complete details with reasonable costs.

Customers can avail from us best quality color marble. These marbles are available in a different variety of sizes, colors and shinnying. These shiny marbles units are extremely popular among architects and interior designers for interior and exterior applications.

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Pink Marble

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