Tuesday 20 January 2015

Sandstone - Give your home an exotic look

Sandstone provide exotic look to your home. These are soft and can be carved into various shapes hence increasing their demand as various household decoration items.At the same time sandstone is resistant to weathering and thus very durable.Sandstone can be used as wall slabs, entrance pillars, doorways and various hose hold items such as pots, classic decorated statues etc. Sandstone ground tiles are used for resistance free movements ; their earthy colors in addition to pure rock like texture provide ample options. You can either yourself work out various sandstone styles using products available in the market or can let a designer provide his wonderful imaginations to create a perfect exotic look.

In both ways you would like to have supreme quality stone be used in your house. Pure rock allows one the freedom of creating masterpieces from a single large stone. As your home decor reflects your style quotient using pure rock Sandstone will provide a rich experience in addition to the galore.

A true Sandstone experience lies in sandstone staircases. The actual sandstone steps, that are most common in US  are appreciated for exquisite step work.  Sandstone may be found in varied coatings and are as ubiquitous as Marbles –bestitalianmarble.com has large stock of natural Sandstone and pure rock stones. The world famous Dholpur stone of Rajasthan is also available at cost effective prices. This explicit choice of solutions is typically delivered to client within agreed time interval.

Sandstone maintenance can be a tough task especially when used in kitchen counter tops or as dining table stones or large section of flooring especially the pavements or the porch area.the best advise is to regularly clean the surface with a good quality cleaner.Avoid using acidic cleaners available for toilets as they can harm the Sandstone.Also avoid using vinegar or any acidic preparation.Simple techniques such as placing protective gear under hot kitchen dishes, rugged mattress in the porch area will reduce wear and tear of the Sandstone. 

We are one of the largest stockist and dealer of Sandstones in India and have deliveries across the globe. We are open for any information on the products and to share our knowledge.Our dream is to help create world class infrastructures. Feel free to provides queries or any other feedback. 


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